A few beery, bleary notes from GABF

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DENVER  РNow we know why they call it the Mile High City.

Sample a few dozen one-ounce servings of America’s best beers and you, too, can reach a deceptively altered state of consciousness.

Thanks to my steel-trap memory and some barely decipherable notes, however, here are Joe Sixpack’s personal high points from the 16th annual Great American Beer Festival:

Best Beer – Abbey Belgian Style Ale from New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins, Colo.¬†Similar to Stoudt’s Abbey Triple from Adamstown, Pa., (which was not entered), it’s extemely complex and tasty.

Worst Beer – What exactly is Special Brew from St. Ides Brewing Co.? They call it “a refreshing alternative to beer.” I’d call it an abomination.

Strangest Beer – Vanilla Porter (Stoney Creek). A lot better than it sounds; should be available locally by the end of the year.

Best moment – Watching a slightly glazed Carol Stoudt pick up a gold for Stoudt’s Pils. It’s the 10th consecutive year the Adamstown brewery has won a GABF medal.

Best Beer Names – 1. Beam Me Up Scottish Ale. 2. Bad Czech Ale (Bank Draft Brewing Co., Houston Tex.). 3. The Meaning of Life Pensive Red Ale (Southside Cellar Brewing Co., Birmingham, Ala.)

Best T-Shirt – “There is no food value in beer. However, there is no beer value in food.”


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