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Much ado over brew: Council probe of Vet food, beer sought

Faced with reports of moldy hot dogs and short cups of beer, City Council may weigh in on the civic embarrassment known as Veterans Stadium food.

Councilman Jim Kenney will introduce a resolution on Thursday that calls for hearings into the city food concession contract with Ogden Entertainment.

Kenney told Joe Sixpack that he’s had enough of the Rendell administration’s … Read the rest

Crying in their beer: Vet concessionaire eyed by L&I

The Phillies’ half-million-dollar suds-skimming scam frothed into extra innings at the Vet last night.

After the Daily News reported yesterday that the stadium was selling short cups of brew at baseball games, city officials vowed to send inspectors to the ballyard to test the beer themselves.

“We’re going to make sure they’re dispensing the beer they say they are,” said … Read the rest

Squeeze play on tap: Suds fans cheated 2 oz. per cup at Vet

The Phillies, who sell the most expensive cup of beer in the National League, are skimming their suds.

It’s a racket that costs beer-drinking fans at Veterans Stadium nearly a half-million bucks a year.

Every time you buy a cup, you’re being shorted a sip of cold, ballpark brew.

In a town where beer is a fundamental part of baseball … Read the rest

Pabst: The newest retro beer

`You know what I had the other night, and it was really, really good?” said Joe, the man who holds the fate of my scalp in his hands. “A quart of Schaeffer.”

I nodded politely, of course, and not just because he was flashing a sharpened object toward my ears. In Fishtown, the barbershop is the source of all authoritative … Read the rest

Ale to the chief?

“If I were just a private citizen, Joe Sixpack, I would have mixed feelings about not getting a chance to disprove these allegations in court.” – President Clinton, speaking this week about the dismissal of the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

Dear Mr. President,

I feel your pain.

You’ve spent five years in the White House, wining and dining fat … Read the rest

Cask-conditioned and good for what ales you

When they close the book on the 20th century, society will look to intellectuals such as myself to contemplate the greatest achievements of the period. There can be no doubt that the top three are:

  1. The ATM.
  2. Microwave popcorn.
  3. ESPN SportsCenter.

Naturally, some special-interest revisionists will dispute this list. I imagine women, for instance, would cast a few votes for … Read the rest

Hung over and out

St. Paddy’s Day was three days ago and you’re still reeling, you miserable lout. You’ve got cotton mouth, a pounding head, dizziness, nausea – maybe a malignant dose of the dry heaves.

Yeah, I’ve been there, down on my knees with a jackhammer in my skull.

But don’t look for any sympathy from Joe Sixpack.

You knew it was going … Read the rest

A field where Andy doesn’t have to deal with bad hops

Richie Ashburn was an orange juice and ice tea man.

Harry Kalas is a vodka drinker.

And Andy Musser – a glass of milk?

In fact, the unassuming, almost-gentle longtime Phillies broadcaster is a beer man. At last count, he’s visited 312 brewpubs. His cellar is filled with vintage beers. He owns a piece of Center City’s Dock Street Brewery … Read the rest

Oldies are seldom goodies

What this world needs is a uniform system of freshness dating.

Most beer sold in America is packaged and labeled with a date that tells when the suds were brewed or when one might reasonably expect the stuff to turn into rotgut.

These dates, unfortunately, are almost always indecipherable.

Pick up a Heineken and you’ll see something like:

IPE 0089K … Read the rest

It takes a stout man to run an Irish pub

The Guinness contest, now in its fifth year, sounds like a dream come true.

Write a short essay romanticizing the wonders of serving stout in Ireland, compete in a few bar games and the winner gets his own pub in some rustic village on a verdant hillside.

Sounds like something out of a Daniel Day-Lewis movie.

But get past all … Read the rest