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All in the details: Labels tell a lot about a brew

[NOTE: Missing bottle Illustration]

Next time you’re sitting at the bar, spacing out as you peel the label off your bottle, consider the breadth of info at your fingertips. Your average beer label is full of facts, both trivial and pertinent.

Check out the newest bottle on local shelves, from Yards.

* Yards Brewing Company is owned by Tom Kehoe … Read the rest

Looking back on beer in ’97

Guy goes into a bar and orders six mugs of beer. The bartender shrugs and pours all six, shoves them in front of the guy and is astounded as he watches the customer drain them in less than 30 seconds.

“That was fast,” says the bartender.

“You’d drink them fast, too, if you had what I have,” says the customer.… Read the rest