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Dock Street: All the details

Two brewpubs: Dock Street Brasserie, 18th & Cherry streets, Logan Circle; and Dock Street Terminal, 1150 Filbert St., Reading Terminal. The company also runs Dock Street Airport, a pub at Philadelphia International Airport.

Brewers: Eric Savage started as an assistant in 1993 under brewing legend Nick Funnell, then became chief in 1995. He’s joined by brewers Josh Ervine at the … Read the rest

No laughs in nitrous crackdown at the Vet

Sorry to burst your balloon, Eagles fans, but your favorite pre-game chemical is gone with the wind.

Police and city licensing officials yesterday swarmed through Veterans Stadium parking lots and confiscated at least a dozen tanks of buzz-inducing nitrous oxide.

Then, just hours before the Eagles coincidentally sleep-walked past the Chicago Bears, the mild anesthesia was released into the atmosphere.… Read the rest

Big prizes go to little guys

What’s happened to America’s great micros?

Samuel Adams, Celis, Red Hook. . .

You know, those breweries that used to blow us away with their fresh, imaginative craft brews, the ones that first grabbed us by the throats and showed us just how good beer could be.

Breckenridge, Nor’Wester, Blue Ridge. . .

Ten years ago, they helped pioneer the … Read the rest

Observe Oktoberfest

It’s near the end of October and you haven’t slipped on the lederhosen? What’s wrong with you, man?

It’s not too late to grab Oktoberfest. You’ll still find plenty of bottles at your favorite distributor or deli. This style is the best way for the tentative tippler to get a handle on the fuller taste of craft brews. It’s a … Read the rest

Eagles fans tank up on nitrous

The fans’ mind-altering chemical of choice at Eagles games this season is not reefer, but nitrous oxide.

That’s right, laughing gas.

In yet another bizarre chapter in the city’s storied history of fan misbehavior, thousands of green-and-white-clad Eagles fans now commonly prepare for gridiron battles by tanking up on large doses of the mild anesthesia.

It is a pregame ritual … Read the rest

VetFest: Guzzling in the grand tradition

Bavaria, Milwaukee, Brussels, Pottsville – among the world’s great beer capitals that these eyes have seen, none can match the suds that flow on the bucolic meadows of South Philadelphia.

It is here, on eight autumn Sundays each year, that the villagers turn out for a grand beer festival. They are gathered to send their sainted warriors, the Eagles, into … Read the rest

Sometimes, there’s no taste like home

Every once in a while, a new customer walks into Ray Swerdlow’s Sixpack Store on Roosevelt Boulevard and drops his jaw in happy disbelief.

Maybe he stopped in for a quick sixer of Bud in cans or had a hankering for one of those “old man” beers, like Schaefer or Old Milwaukee – brews you can get almost anywhere.

But … Read the rest

Garbage Time: Filth, vermin infest Vet

IT’S 30 MINUTES till game time, and the cotton-candy man at the Vet is serving up his goodies.

He dips his hand into the swirling machine, plucks a puffy blue cloud of candy and deposits it into his mouth.

Then he licks his fingers clean, grabs a paper cone, dips it into the machine and comes out with another wad … Read the rest