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   Blue Moon Belgian White

  The label: The beer is not from Belgium; it’s made in Memphis. And Blue Moon Brewing Co. is actually Coors.

The complaint: The Confederation of Belgian Breweries says it’s a misleading attempt to glom onto the Belgian beer fad. It’s been nagging Coors and the ATF about the wording for years.

The solution: Coors has agreed to remove the words “Belgian White” from the neck label.

   Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager

   The label: A spooky swamp scene.

 The complaint: Texas alcohol regulators temporarily outlawed the brand, made in New Orleans, because it conjured up images of witchcraft and cults.

   The solution: Louisiana legislators threatened to ban Lone Star beer. Texas relented.

   Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus

   The label: A naked woman frolicking with Gambrinus, the mythical king of beer.

 The complaint: The feds at first didn’t like her exposed nipples.

   The solution: Cantillon put a dress on the girl. Later, the ATF backed down and said beer labels could be considered a work of art.

   Victory Golden Monkey Triple Ale

   The label: Contained the tag line, “The Triple do you good.”

The complaint: ATF rejected it because of an apparently drug reference (The trip’ll do you good.)

   The solution: Victory backed down and changed the line to “This Monkey’s bound for glory!”


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