Yearly Archives: 2002

Fans of the other football get kicks in local pubs

HARD TO believe, but the Eagles are not the only professional football team with fans in this town.

The other day, I ran into a bunch of leather-tonsils glued to the tube at an Old City pub, cheering their favorite team. Instead of the lyrical E-A-G-L-E-S chant, it was more like “bloody good pass, chap.”

Their favorite football team: Manchester … Read the rest

Great idea: A learner’s permit for beer drinkers

IT TOOK America about 15 years to figure out its first Prohibition in the early part of the last century wasn’t working.

It takes your average teen-ager about 15 minutes to figure the current Prohibition – the one that says he or she can’t drink till 21 – is a crock.

An 18-year-old looks around and sees he can sign … Read the rest

The Mummers: Think it’s easy watching this?

IT IS NEW Year’s morning and my head is pounding.

I left the night before to the amateurs, so there can be only one explanation:

The Mummers comics brigades are on the tube.

My Mitsubishi’s tinny speakers are spewing a racket roughly the same as that produced when you light a sack of cats on fire, and a glimpse at … Read the rest