Eagles brass hint hoagie ban may crumble

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Are the Eagles backing down from their infamous hoagie ban?
Don’t get your hopes up, but there’s been a subtle softening in the team’s hardline position.

The Eagles last week revealed they would prohibit fans from bringing their own food into the new Lincoln Financial Field, which opens next month.

The team, citing the 9/11 terror attack, says the ban is for security reasons. Critics, however, believe it’s intended to force fans to buy the stadium’s pricey concessions.

President Joe Banner defiantly said the team would “never” reverse the hoagie ban, and suggested fans who question the team’s motives are being unpatriotic.

But during a press tour of the facility yesterday, both Banner and owner Jeffrey Lurie hinted that the BYO ban is not written in granite.

Asked about restrictive policies that many fans believe will take the fun out of attending Eagles games (no signs, for example), Banner said, “All of these things are evolving. ”

Does that mean a compromise?

Lurie said: “If there are some solutions that make more sense, we’re all for them. ”

Here’s one idea the team may be chewing on: BYO food must be wrapped in clear plastic.

Other NFL stadiums have a similar requirement to allow security guards to quickly check if there’s a weapon stuffed inside that sandwich roll.

Stay tuned.


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