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The Inquirer’s foie gras hoagie is for the birds

IN A CITY of diverse tastes, I’m willing to accept almost anything on a hoagie. Ham, provolone, salami, hot peppers . . .

I’m even willing to concede that, suspect as it may seem, some individuals prefer mayonnaise instead of oil.

But no way should any of us be prepared to accept the abomination that was foisted upon readers recently … Read the rest

At the Linc, you won’t find great local brews

IF YOU’RE the kind of football fan who doesn’t care what kind of fizzy yellow beer is in your cup as long as there’s lots of it, you’re gonna love drinkin’ at the Lincoln.

Bud, Miller, Coors – the big three are everywhere, and they’re served in BIG cups. No more of the Vet’s questionably sized 18-ouncers; the standard Linc … Read the rest

Down with the malternatives

SOME DAY, the beer gods willing, Americans will come to their senses and stop guzzling crappy malternatives.

You know, those clear, sweet, sodalike beverages named after hard liquor and favored by the fake ID crowd on Delaware Avenue. Ostensibly brewed with malt, they’re actually a mix of distilled alcohol and citrusy, sweet flavors.

Some day, everyone who has ever ordered … Read the rest

Spot Removal: Eagles drop VIP parking at the Linc

THE EAGLES, having thoroughly infuriated blue-collar fans with their ill-fated hoagie ban, are now taking on the bluebloods.
This time, the battlefield is VIP parking spaces, a commodity that in elite circles is every bit as valued as imported capicola.

Scores of fans who held treasured spots within a few steps of the Vet’s front gate have been told they’re … Read the rest

NE Philly pol looking to outlaw hoagie ban

BRINGING A hoagie to an Eagles game should be every fan’s right, according to a Northeast Philadelphia legislator.

State Rep. Michael P. McGeehan, a Democrat from Holmesburg, is gathering co-sponsors for a state law to block the Birds’ BYO food ban at the new Lincoln Financial Field.

Dubbed “Joe Sixpack’s Own Food Rights Act,” it already has more than 30 … Read the rest

Belgian wheat ale drawing a crowd

IT’S NOT exactly the hot beer of summer ’03, but Hoegaarden Witbier is popping up on tap handles everywhere.

OK, it’s still outnumbered by Coors Light, 10 to 1. But in a world where factory-made thirst-quenchers dominate the scene, the appearance of a cloudy, Belgian-made wheat ale is a certified oddity. I’m seeing it in places where the most exotic … Read the rest

Eagles brass hint hoagie ban may crumble

Are the Eagles backing down from their infamous hoagie ban?
Don’t get your hopes up, but there’s been a subtle softening in the team’s hardline position.

The Eagles last week revealed they would prohibit fans from bringing their own food into the new Lincoln Financial Field, which opens next month.

The team, citing the 9/11 terror attack, says the ban … Read the rest

Food ban for security?

ONE THING about Philadelphia, we can spot B.S. a mile away.

When the Parking Authority calls itself “kinder and gentler,” we know . . . When the mayor says every street was plowed, we know . . . When developers say the Penn’s Landing project is on schedule, we know . . .

And when Eagles president Joe Banner stands … Read the rest

Big shots and fans offer sub stories of their own

Is the Eagles hoagie ban all about the lettuce? Or does the team have a legitimate concern about fan safety?

Noted junk-food gourmand and governor of the commonwealth, Ed Rendell, has come down on the side of the Eagles.

“The governor supports the ban,” said Kate Philips, Rendell’s press secretary. “He believes there is a real risk when people bring … Read the rest

Sandwich-saving ideas: How to raise a stink about Linc food ban

LEAVE OUR prov-alone!

Street-wise Birds fans, seething over the team’sĀ hoagieĀ ban, aren’t buying the security-risk excuse. For one thing, they wonder, if food is such a threat in the wake of 9/11, howcum it wasn’t banned at Veterans Stadium?

Good question.

Others, like reader Mark Wilgus, speculate that the Eagles are simply confused. “What they meant to ban,” he … Read the rest