The Joe Sixpack of Austria comes to Philly

The last time I bent elbows with Conrad Seidl – the Joe Sixpack of Austria – he was extolling the virtues of the elusive Vienna lager, a tasty malt treat that sadly has virtually disappeared in his homeland.

You’ll have to visit America to try our craft brewers’ version of the lager, I told him. After all, the first lager in America was brewed right here in Philadelphia.

Victory Brewing founder Bill Covaleski cut the deal, and now Seidl – who calls himself the Beer Pope – is in town for a whirlwind tour.

And you can bend elbows with him, too, on Tuesday at Moriarty’s (1116 Walnut St., Center City). Seidl will be the guest speaker at a Loving Lagers dinner featuring Victory beers.

Covaleski is a devotee of 19th-century Austrian brewing giant Anton Dreher, the father of modern lager. He’ll show off a range of Victory lagers, including his latest batch of St. Victorious Doppelbock, the astoundingly smooth springtime brew that’s as meaty as a loaf of Amoroso’s.

The lederhosen-wearin’ Seidl will wax on his favorite beers, matched with a Vienna-style menu from Moriarty’s kitchen (bratwurst spring rolls, hazelnut stew). Dinner is at 7 p.m., $40, 215-627-7676.


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