Yearly Archives: 2006

The ‘burbs got brew

I’LL TAKE Philadelphia’s cozy neighborhood taverns over those boring suburban P.J. McStripmall Eateries any day. But when it comes to brewpubs, I’ve gotta admit, the ‘burbs have the city beat, hands down.

There are all of three brewpubs inside the nation’s sixth biggest city, four if you count the faded Red Bell joint at the Wachovia Center. Which I don’t.… Read the rest

A brew worth waiting for

STARTING WITH the can opener, which is mankind’s most important invention, it’s clear to me that the entirety of human evolution has been aimed squarely at speeding up the consumption of beer.

Think about it: Pizza delivery, the corner taproom, ATMs, 24 hours of ESPN, those La-Z-Boy recliners with built-in coolers, beer bongs, wives and ice are all the product … Read the rest