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Goodbye Phillies, hello pumpkin beer

NORMALLY I don’t get around to writing about pumpkin beer till just about the time the Phillies collapse in the playoffs. Something about the brisk air of the changing season brings out the worst in the home team and the best in those spiced amber ales.

Well, the Phils expedited matters this season, and so it seems did America’s breweries. … Read the rest

Fish guts, pork belly and horse bones in your beer

YOU WOULDN’T THINK it would be all that hard to be a vegetarian beer drinker.

I mean, I’ve had about a zillion different beers over the years, and I usually examine my glass pretty closely before taking a mouthful.

Not once have I noticed a pork chop in there.

Beer is made with water, malt, hops and yeast.

And yet, … Read the rest

It’s IPA Day – Get Hopping

Aug 2, 2012 | It’s IPA Day – Get Hopping


TODAY IS IPA Day, or — since it’s mainly a social-media phenomenon — #IPADay.

Which is to say it’s an occasion to drain a pint or three of India pale ale, then tell the world all about it. Right now, there are thousands of beer drinkers at IPA tap … Read the rest

Bud Light Lime is Stephen Colbert’s punch line

HE IS HONORABLE and bold and all beef.

He is a star-spangled conservative American with a deep reverence for St. Ronald Reagan, “Ham” Rove and the unlimited wealth of secret Super PACs.

Fittingly, Stephen Colbert drinks Bud Light Lime.

Or, rather, he guzzles the stuff — bottle after bottle on the set of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” He … Read the rest

Co-brewing up a storm of collaborations

July 19, 2012 | Co-brewing up a storm of collaborations


JUST A ROUGH guess here, but at their current pace, brewers across the nation will hook up with competing beer-makers to produce no fewer than 250 separate collaborative one-offs in 2012.

Pricey and exotic, these collabs generate tons of excitement among craft-beer enthusiasts and — perhaps more importantly — … Read the rest

Beer by the book

BOOK NERDS know that if you’re looking for beer at the library, you head for Section 663 in the Dewey Decimal System. You’ll find it filed under Useful Arts, a designation that I don’t think anyone could argue with.

Or, for a taste of the real stuff, head out back at the Indian Valley Public Library in Telford at 6:30 … Read the rest

The best beer in the world is a state of mind

GRAND CASE, St.-Martin — “You got anything,” I ask, draining the dregs from the frosty, green bottle, “other than Heineken?”

Sebastian, the bear of a man behind the bar, smiles, swings open the tiny cooler, pauses and says, “We got Presidente … and Heineken … and Presidente … and Heineken … and … ”

“I get the idea. Another … Read the rest

The whipping boy of beer styles

American brewers who dabble in wheat must feel some days like William Murray.


William Murray – a mostly forgettable character from 17th-century England who had the somewhat bad luck of being the boyhood pal of Charles I. It was Charles’ father, King James I, who devised the philosophy of the “divine right of kings.”

“The state of monarchy,” James … Read the rest

Homebrewing reaches for the extremes

If you want to know where beer is headed tomorrow, find a homebrewer today and drink his or her beer.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. It was homebrewers, after all, who launched the microbrewing revolution by turning pro. And it was homebrewers who originated many of the recipes that were refined for commercial products.

Judging by the homebrews I … Read the rest

Philly Beer Week, coming down the stretch

PHILLY BEER WEEK is in its seventh day. But, as Mayor Nutter declared at the Opening Tap ceremony of the annual celebration, only in Philly does a week take 10 days.

Which means that, if you missed the incredible Stillwater/Hof Ten Bronze Age at Tapestry’s Cirque du Saison street festival on Saturday, you can grab a glass of New Holland’s … Read the rest