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Beer in an aluminum can-vas

IT’S OFFICIAL: Canned craft beer is no longer evil.

We know this because Boston Beer, which once trumpeted that aluminum jeopardizes the flavor of beer, is finally canning its flagship Samuel Adams Boston Lager. The company said that it designed its funky-looking wide-lid can after consulting with a sensory expert who conducted an “ergonomic and flavor study.”

The trendsetting … Read the rest

The Brewers Association’s missing styles

News item: The Brewers Association has updated its Beer Style Guidelines, with definitions of 142 separate styles. The newest additions are Adambier and Grätzer.


SO, THE authoritative organization of small American brewers has reached back a few centuries and turned up a pair of thoroughly obscure smoked European wheat beers for its comprehensive directory. They join a list … Read the rest

Budweiser’s Watergate

BY NOW it’s obvious that the highly publicized, $5 million class-action lawsuit charging Budweiser with overstating its alcohol content is pure B.S.

The plaintiffs, including two Montgomery County brothers, say that Anheuser-Busch deliberately waters down its beer, and that its alcohol content is “significantly” overstated on its labels.

But the lawsuit provides no evidence to back up that claim.

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961 is the code for Lebanese beer


Sorry, this Quaker state boy couldn’t let that pun slip by, even if – as it happens – we’re talking about beer made not in central Pennsylvania, but in the Middle East.

Still, I say, baloney!

Beer from the Muslim world is a non sequitur, as alien as two all-beef patties on a sesame-seed bun would … Read the rest

Why do people still bother to homebrew?

ON SATURDAY, I’ll help judge the War of the Worts, the annual home-brew competition at Keystone Homebrew up in Montgomeryville.

How many beers are we talking about? I asked Jason Harris, the shop’s owner and contest organizer. “Between 880 and 890,” he replied.

Anyone have a spare bladder?

I never cease to be amazed at the popularity of homebrewing. Here … Read the rest

Al Capone’s killer beer

WITH all due respect to Yards Brewing and its delicious, new Chocolate Love Stout, released just in time for Valentine’s Day, forget all that lovey-dovey stuff.

Sure, your honey might enjoy its soft, dark pour, its rich kiss of chocolate and its seductively smooth buzz. But we’re hard-nosed beer drinkers, and for us, Feb. 14 means one thing only: … Read the rest

The top 5 beer-drinking songs

LET’S PLAY a few bars.

Y’know, beer-drinking songs – the kind of music that gets the crowd dancing with a bottle raised in the air. You take a gulp, grab a girl and start a little movement in your sacroiliac.

If you don’t know how to do it, Chubby Checker sang in his timeless “Hucklebuck,” man you’re out of luck.… Read the rest

Bud pulls on a little black dress

FROM TALKING lizards to farting horses to mud-wrestling blondes, Super Bowl beer commercials have traditionally stooped to the lowest common denominator to pump up existing brands. For years, we could depend on delightfully dopey punch lines to liven dull games.

Suddenly, though, Anheuser Busch Inbev is taking the high road – at least when it comes to unveiling new products.… Read the rest

Beer-soaked cheese? Yes whey!

IT WAS inevitable that Pennsylvania’s new breed of cheese-makers would bond with the state’s thriving brewers. Artisan creameries and breweries are small, locally-owned businesses with handmade products that typically are unique, full-flavored alternatives to their run-of-the-mill mainstream competitors.

Also, as Howard Field of Farm Fromage in Lancaster observed, “We’re both nuts.”

He added: “We’re kind of O.C.D. We both like … Read the rest

The spirit of beer invention lives

WHO SAYS American ingenuity is dead?

While it’s true we still don’t have jet packs and flying cars, we do have the Bierstick, a giant plastic syringe that can pump 24 ounces of beer into your mouth in less than two seconds.

That’s two full cans of suds down the gullet in less time than it takes to flush a … Read the rest