Remember when we ran for Schmidt’s?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the growing trend of beer runs and brewery sponsorship of races. Nothing new there, says South Philly’s Nick Glielmi, who remembers running in brewery-sponsored races through Fairmount Park more than 30 years ago.

That’s him posing with his bibs from a pair of Schmidt’s runs back in 1983. (10K time 48:30 – not too shabby!)

Nick, who works at Bell Bev, recalled one race in which cases of Schmidt’s were piled up at the finish line – free beer for anyone who wanted.

“Hardly anyone bothered drinking it – we had just finished running,” Nick said. “So they told us, go ahead and take a case. Man, you should’ve seen it – everyone was walking away with cases. Even the cops! They backed their cars right up to the finish line, popped open their trunks and loaded up with free beer.”