Twenty years ago this summer, I pulled the greatest scam in Daily News history by convincing my editors they should pay me to write about beer. If they thought I’d run out of ideas soon enough, well, they underestimated my thirst.

But it’s time to move to a new barstool.

In the coming weeks, you’ll find me in community newspapers produced by Broad Street Media, including Philadelphia Weekly, South Philly Review, Northeast Times and the Star, among others. Meanwhile, you can always find me at JoeSixpack.net

Before I go, though, here’s a tip of the glass to my beloved People Paper and the characters who populated its pages. To Phantom Rider, the Marquis of Debris, Millennium Man, Hydro Cop and Buck the Bartender – next round’s on me.



  1. Jeremy Hancher  July 7, 2016

    Sad to see you go from the Daily News, Don. I always looked forward to reading your column come Thursday morning on Philly.com. I guess I’ll look for you in these other publications now. Best of luck with the new gigs! And cheers!!

  2. Carlos  July 7, 2016

    Time to go back to what first got you noticed. Start going into bars and call them out for selling 14 oz pints, like they used to at the Vet.