New Jersey’s idiotic brewery regs

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The 10 most ridiculous brewery rules issued today by the N.J. ABC.

  1. It is illegal to make or sell coffee at a brewery.*
  2. But soda is OK.
  3. Happy hours are prohibited.
  4. Quizzo cannot be promoted on social media without a permit.
  5. No sales of art or handmade craft work on the premises.
  6. No amplified music without a special one-day permit, approved by the local police chief.
  7. To-go beer sold during off-premises events (e.g. festivals) must be warm.
  8. No beer can be tapped at a brewery’s outdoor beer garden.
  9. And waitstaff can’t serve you outdoors, either.
  10. It’s OK to sell hard pretzels in a bag, but not soft pretzels.

*Rules apply to so-called limited breweries, the majority of breweries in New Jersey. They don’t apply to wineries.


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