Beer Radar – Sept. 18, 2014

Today’s column shares news of a pair of Oktoberfest events on Saturday. Here’s a few others:

Sept. 19-20Fall Fest at Spruce Street Harbor Park (Penn’s Landing)
Sept. 20Oktoberfest at Morgan’s Pier (Penn’s Landing)
Sept. 25-Oct 12 – Oktoberfest at Iron Hill Brewery (German food paired with the house Vienna Red Lager and Oktoberfest, all locations).
Sept. 25Chouffe Fest Philadelphia at Skybox Event Center (Fishtown).
Sept. 27-28Hop Angel Brauhaus ...

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Oktoberfest: The other fall beer

DON’T ASK for a pint of pumpkin beer at South Street’s Brauhaus Schmitz. One of Philly’s few bastions of Bavarian beer purity doesn’t serve the spice stuff because the Germans already have a perfectly fine autumn beer, thank you.

It’s Oktoberfestbier, also known as Marzen, that copper-colored beauty, rich in malt with a smooth body for endless guzzling.

“Personally, I’m OK with pumpkin beer,” Brauhaus Schmitz owner Doug Hager said. “But as a card-carrying German beer snob, we kind ...

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Bud Light IPA on the drawing board

Bud Light IPA: Don’t laugh – you know it’s going to happen.

What might’ve been a sacrilege just a year ago seems inevitable today. And when it happens, craft beer will have only itself to blame as Anheuser-Busch Inbev laughs all the way to the bank.

Bud Light IPA is inevitable because neither “Bud Light” nor “IPA” mean what they used to mean.

It’s true, Bud Light is still generic, watery, insipid, mass-produced, rice-based, fizzy, yellow liquid. It is anti-craft beer.

It is also ...

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Running for beer

“Did you know,” Jon Lyons, a sales rep for New York’s Southern Tier Brewery, was saying the other night, “that the first person to run a marathon actually died at the end of the run?”

Yo, I’m as a big fan of Greek tragedy as the next guy, and I’m somewhat familiar with the fable of the heroic messenger, Pheidippides, who collapsed upon reaching his destination. But this bit of trivia was not what I needed to hear 10 minutes before ...

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Beer Radar – Aug. 28, 2014

To prep for my column next week about the growing bond between beer and running, I’ll be lacing up my sneaks and joining the Fishtown Beer Runners tonight, for a run to The Trestle Inn (11th & Callowhill). What I do in the name of research…! On this Labor Day weekend, the Beer Institute is Joe Sixpack's Beer Radarpublicizing a 2012 study claiming that, for every job at a brewery ...

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Your last chance to drink beer (this summer)

IF YOU haven’t gotten your tix yet for October’s Great American Beer Festival, in Denver, too late. The world’s largest beer-judging event is sold out.

But here’s an insider’s tip that will give you a taste of some of the champions: The last week of August is when local breweries deliver their bottles to Colorado for the medal competition. That means that specialties brewed especially for the event – the very best of their portfolios – go on ...

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Beer Radar – Aug 21, 2014

Now that it’s been taken over by Belgium’s Duvel Moortgat, Missouri’s Boulevard Brewing is finally dipping its toe into Philadelphia. Its Unfiltered Wheat Beer Joe Sixpack's Beer Radarand Pale Ale (both quite good) are its biggest sellers, but you’re going to want to track down everything from its excellent Smokestack Series, including Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale. Look for launch events in October (and a sneak preview at Bell Beverage on Sept. ...

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A neighborhood gets its own brew-collar craft beer

UP ON Tioga Street, in the vacant shadows of a postindustrial city, the sign above Kensington Pub declares, “Born Here. Raised Here. Still Here.” Inside, there’s a life-size wall drawing of a guy pitching halfsies, the stickball game they used to play down the corner.

The bar is mostly empty on this Friday afternoon.

“Yo, what happened to the keg that guy brought in?” owner Kevin Konieczny asks his bartender.

“What keg? The new stuff?” Nicole Kearney replies. “It’s not on, yet.”

“Well, what ...

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