Racing down the stretch of Philly Beer Week

WHAT ARE YOU,  a Philly Beer Weakling?

Now is not the time to slow your celebration of America’s best beer-drinking city, for the final four days of Philly Beer Week feature some killer drafts and some typically incomprehensible entertainment.

For example, turtle races.

You have not experienced the thrill of sport until you’ve witnessed two-inch hard-shells in a mad dash across a piece of felt. The glory, the sheer athleticism, the …

Oh, what the hell am I talking about? The third annual Turtle ...

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Sixpack of the Week: Southern Tier Gemini

Southern Tier (Lakewood, N.Y.)
Double IPA

SIXPACK SEZ: What were the ancient Greeks drinking when they imagined the stars above the western horizon each spring depicted the mythical twins, Castor and Pollux? Possibly some early, unrecorded version of this wonderfully hopped ale, named because its original recipe was a blend of two other outstanding Southern Tier IPAs, Hoppe and Unearthly. Because, otherwise, all I see up there is a bunch of shining dots. Still, the question is ...

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3 sour beer recipes

Try these fun recipes from Stephen Beaumont, John Holl and Joe Sixpack

Carbonnades de Boeuf a La Flamande from “The Beer and Food Companion” by Stephen Beaumont.

Makes 8 servings

5½ pounds beef cheeks

3 12-ounce bottles Flemish red ale

1 bouquet garni (sprigs of herbs such as thyme, bay leaf, basil, and rosemary tied together in a bundle)

1 pound onions, peeled and chopped

Oil or butter for sauteing

1 quart veal stock

½ ...

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Eat your sour beer

Pucker-faced sour beer lovers can’t get enough gose, Berliner Weisse, fruit lambic, and other distinctive varieties. But if all you’re doing is drinking the stuff, well, you’re missing one of the great joys of these special ales.

Because cooking with sour beer adds a whole other flavor dimension to your favorite recipes.

That’s something I came to learn after cracking open the first beer book I ever ...

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Sixpack of the Week: Brotherly Suds Ryebock Lager

Sly Fox (Pottstown, Pa.)
Rye Helles Bock

SIXPACK SEZ: Philly’s brewers returned to the city’s beer-making roots with this excellent twist on a classic German-style helles bock. Brewed first for the annual Craft Brewers Conference in May, then re-released in time for Philly Beer Week, It’s a smooth lager with just a touch of sweetness that seems lightened by the addition of rye. A collaboration by Yards, Victory, Stoudt’s, Flying Fish, Iron Hill and Tröegs.

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Why do brewers wear beards?

IN THIS WEEK’S column, we ponder the greatest mystery in beer: Why do so many brewers wear beards? (I mean male brewers, naturally, not female, which perhaps is a column for another day.)

I’ve been noticing this for the last couple years, but it came into full light at the Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia this month. You couldn’t walk three steps without encountering a fur-face.

Now, just so we’re all on the same page, I’m not talking about perfectly groomed ...

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Sixpack of the Week: Samuel Adams Nitro Coffee Stout

Boston Beer (Boston)
Coffee stout

SIXPACK SEZ: I’m not a fan of the other two canned nitros from Boston Beer (a surprisingly thin IPA and a very unsettling white ale), but this one hits on all cylinders. The rich coffee flavor is amplified by an exceedingly smooth nitrogenated body, which makes way for an aftertaste of heavenly roasted grain. It’s hard to believe this didn’t come straight off a tap.

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Better gardening: The beer rules

NOW THAT BEER gardens are officially a thing in Philly and – shockingly – the suburbs, it’s time for these outdoor drinking spots to get a few things right.

Because a beer garden is more than just a bar without a roof.

A beer garden is a shared place, in the sun, without solid walls and the typical constraints of a licensed saloon. It is about atmosphere and community and fun.

The Germans, who have perfected the biergarten, call that spirit gemütlichkeit. ...

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Sixpack of the Week: Union Craft Steady Eddie

Baltimore, Md.
American wheat ale

SIXPACK SEZ: Baltimore Orioles fans are mourning the loss of Natty Boh, apparently banned from Camden Yards at the start of the 2016 season. If they’re lucky, they can drown their misery with cans of this excellent, very juicy wheat IPA. It’s a tribute to Orioles great Eddie Murray, the last major leaguer to reach 500 HRs before the juicers (McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, A-Rod…) ruined the club.

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