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The last batch at Stoudt’s

I stopped by Stoudt’s Brewery in Lancaster County yesterday for a chat with Carol Stoudt, who announced her retirement last week. It was a bittersweet conversation, and you’ll see it shortly when we upload the interview as part of a special YouTube edition of What’s Brewing.

During our conversation, we enjoyed glasses of fresh Gold, the Helles lager. It was … Read the rest

What’s your Super Bowl beer?

Forget the hard seltzer. Drink a real craft beer! A few suggestions above, to go along with the excellent brews I suggested on Fox 29 this morning.

Philly gets its first meadery

The city’s first commercial meadery in more than 100 years opened this month, launched by a pair of millennials in a 19th-century North Philly warehouse.

In a little-noticed milestone, Philadelphia Mead Well began public sale of the ancient alcoholic beverage, also known as honey wine. Though the region in recent years has seen an explosion of breweries, distilleries, wineries and … Read the rest

New Jersey’s idiotic brewery regs

The 10 most ridiculous brewery rules issued today by the N.J. ABC.

  1. It is illegal to make or sell coffee at a brewery.*
  2. But soda is OK.
  3. Happy hours are prohibited.
  4. Quizzo cannot be promoted on social media without a permit.
  5. No sales of art or handmade craft work on the premises.
  6. No amplified music without a special one-day permit,
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Boston’s Night Shift heads for Philly

A big, new player is moving into Philly Beer World: Night Shift Brewing, a fast-growing brewer out of Massachusetts. The company is planning to develop the former Penn Beer distribution warehouse on Domino Lane in the Roxborough section of the city as a brewery with a tasting room.

Though no details have been released, site plans show it has the … Read the rest

Philly Beer Week into the weeds

Philly Loves Beer… and weed, apparently.

The non-profit organization that runs Philly Beer Week says its goal is to promote the city’s “authentic beer experiences.”

Yet, the title sponsor of beer week’s Opening Tap festival is a decidedly un-beerlike company: TerraVida Holistic Centers, Pennsylvania’s largest medical marijuana dispensary.

The company paid an undisclosed amount to have its logo plastered on … Read the rest

Beer is a family affair at Brewery Ars

Sean Arsenault is pouring a pint of Old Stoop Rye Ale. His wife, Erica, is making change at the counter. His twin brother, Andy, is sanitizing metal fittings from one of the fermenters. The tasting room is packed with couples draining pints and diving into plates from a food truck parked out front.

This is the weekend routine at Brewery … Read the rest

That thing at your feet? It’s not a pee trough

‘You know those urinal troughs on the floor at the base of bars in old-time taprooms?

Well, zip it up guys. Despite the common myth, the fact is those troughs are not, were not and never were intended to be used as urinals. In fact, the troughs are spittoons, a handy place to puh-tooey a wad of slobbery tobacco juice.… Read the rest

Star Trek beer? Make it so

Beer me up, Scotty.

And not just any beer will do. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the landmark sci-fi TV adventure, Star Trek has its own series of brews produced by a small group of fans based in, of all places, Vulcan, Alberta.

In recent months, the group — which calls itself the Federation of Beer — … Read the rest