Craft beer reaches beyond the brewhouse

IT’S JUST A WAFFLE, but Brian and Andrea Polizzi’s newest product is the next step in the maturation of American small brewing.

The couple’s 13-month-old, West-Chester-based company, Waffatopia, last month unveiled Sweet & Stormy, a ready-to-heat waffle flavored with Victory Storm King Imperial Stout.

The waffle is sweet and chocolaty and, even if it doesn’t contain a trace of alcohol, it’s probably not on my breakfast diet. But that’s not the point.

What catches my eye is the waffle package’s familiar, blue-and-red ...

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The ultimate beer lovers holiday gift guide

BEER ENTHUSIASTS are so easy to buy gifts for. As long as it comes in a sixpack, we’re happy with whatever you give us.

And we’re even happier with a little more imagination on your part. Look no further than Joe Sixpack’s Annual Ultimate Gift Guide.

nb_big_mouth_bubbler_deluxe-brewing_starter_kit_600x600For the DIYer

Local home-brew shops offer all-in-one starter kits for kitchen brewmasters. Or head to ...

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Guinness goes luxe

GUINNESS is one of the greatest, most valuable brand names in beer. From its familiar harp logo to its stenciled typeface to Arthur Guinness’ famous signature, everything about it is immediately recognizable. Even its bubbles have a trademark look.

You think of Guinness, you think of rich, dark, smooth Irish stout – the biggest-selling, most famous dark beer on the planet.

The problem is, that’s the only thing you think of.

As good as Guinness is, it’s really only good for one ...

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When little guys sell out to Big Beer

LOOKING BACK on the takeover of a tiny Oregon brewery last week by Anheuser-Busch InBev, some years from now we may remember it as a turning point.

Or maybe we won’t remember it at all.

But right now, it feels like the Day the Music Died – the day when craft brewing took the inevitable step from the adolescent innocence of selfless idealism to the maturity of just another bottom-line business.

The moment came, fittingly enough, with the posting of an ...

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Is it craft or art: The artisans reply

I asked craftsmen and brewers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s 38th Annual Contemporary Craft Show: Do you see yourself as an artist or a craftsman or both. Here are some of their replies.

Rob Sieminski, ceramics, Phillips, Maine.

This seems always to be the eternal question in our field, people always needing to draw the lines of distinction for a myriad of reasons…

some sensible, some self serving, some just out of nowhere…

is it art or craft… am ...

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Is beer art?

DID YOU ever drink a pint that tasted so good it left you wondering if you had just swallowed a work of art?

You heard the flavor speak, you welcomed the body’s warmth, you smiled, you cried, you sighed at the rush. Something struck you at an emotional level. Not just an appreciation of a well-crafted beer, not just the alcohol. But an expressive, visceral experience that touched your soul.

You felt it the same way you might feel a ...

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Beer stuff you never knew existed

LADIES and gentlemen, I give you 10 beer things you never knew existed:

The Crowlerwpid-wp-1414182810430.jpg

If a growler is a large bottle of draft beer to go, what’s a Crowler? That’s a large can of freshly tapped suds.

Oskar Blues Brewery, in Colorado, a pioneer in modern canned craft beer, developed a machine to fill and seal a ...

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How to go from homebrewer to pro in 5 years

You say you’ve got mad beer-making skills and you’d go pro if only you had the time to step up your game?

Send the old ball-and-chain out of town.

It worked for John Wible, who went from a complete noob to head brewer at 2nd Story Brewing, in Old City, in just five years.

He looked almost sheepish as he recounted the story Monday afternoon, as the first customers streamed into his new brewpub, operating out of the space that Triumph Brewing ...

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A 19th-century Philadelphia brewery comes home

WHEN LAST WE heard from Hohenadel Brewery, the 19th-century East Falls landmark was wincing under the weight of a wrecking ball.

It was 1997. Just one look at the stubborn but crumbling brick structure at Conrad Street and Indian Queen Lane told you it was time to pull the plug. The brewery that once proclaimed its “Well Earned Supremacy” could only sigh as it joined the likes of Gretz and Esslinger and Erlanger in the great Philadelphia pile of brewery ...

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Column Add: More Philly GABF medalists

The other local 2014 GABF medalists


Earth Bread & Brewery Perkuno’s Hammer, Baltic porter. It’ll pour tonight at the Mount Airy brewpub’s 7th anniversaryGABF Medals.

Fegley’s Brew Works Arctic Alchemy, old ale category. A re-creation of a 160-year-old English strong ale recipe, it’s available occasionally throughout the year.

Sly Fox Grisette, Belgian- and French-style ale. This is the second consecutive medal for this ...

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