Prost! Join Joe Sixpack in Germany in 2018.

I’m going to Germany in 2018… and you can join me!

That’s right, it’s another Joe Sixpack Expedition. This time we’re taking a river cruise on the Rhine, the Main and the Mozelle, for an incredible beer-centric trip through the heart of Germany to Luxembourg.

We’ll be aboard the AmaDante, for a seven-day cruise with stops in Nuremberg, Bamberg and more. PLUS: You can join me before the trip for an add-on visit to Prague.

This is the way to go. AmaWaterways is ...

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A beer drinker’s take on Philly’s new soda tax

Now soda slurpers know how the rest of us feel.

And by the rest of us, I mean beer drinkers – adults who enjoy grown-up beverages. Beverages, by the way, that are taxed way more than the city’s newly imposed penny-and-a-half surcharge that Mountain Dew addicts are griping about.

A quick primer:

If you drink one 16-ounce Coca-Cola – or Gatorade, Monster, Starbucks Double Shot or…the list of sweetened crap is endless – per day, it’ll cost you an additional $87.60 a year ...

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New year, new beer

Here’s some of the cool, new stuff to look for in 2017.

Bavaria comes to Philly

Imported German beer is often a dicey proposition because so many of the nation’s traditional styles – especially pils and Helles lager – are quick to deteriorate before they hit American shelves.

However, Liquid Projects, a new Brooklyn-based company, is giving it a try – and the first batch it brought to Philly is mighty impressive. The company has put together a collection of styles from five ...

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Joe Sixpack’s Beer of the Year 2016

You wouldn’t know there’s a brewery down Forked Neck Road in Shamong, N.J.

Nestled against the pines of Wharton State Forest and hidden behind a private home, the small, unheralded facility is dwarfed by its big brother, the Valenzano Winery, nearby on busy Rt. 206. There is no tasting room or tours or visiting hours. There is no place to fill up a growler.

If you want to taste its beer, you’ll have drop in at one of the dozen or ...

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