Sixpack of the Week: Evil Genius Santa!! I Know Him!

Santa!! I Know Him!

Evil Genius (West Grove, Pa.)
Spiced saison

SIXPACK SEZ: There can be no argument about the greatest Christmas movie character of all time. It’s not Santa, it’s not Scrooge, it’s not even little Natalie Wood. It is Buddy the Elf, and it’s about damn time someone brewed a beer in his honor.

Crack open a bottle of this spicy saison and commence arguing over my

Top 10 Christmas Movie Characters of All Time

10. Clarence – “It’s a ...

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Sixpack of the Week: Victory Vital IPA

Victory (Downingtown, Pa.)
India pale ale

SIXPACK SEZ: Victory advises this is “the only IPA you need,” which may be true if you’re into a superbly imagined ale that is both over the top with flowery hops and light enough to gulp straight out of the can. I’m not sure this will ever replace my longtime favorite, HopDevil (or even the recently revived Hop Wallop) but it’s enough, as Victory’s trademarked slogan says, to “feed your hopsession.”

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Sixpack of the Week: Yuengling IPL

D.G. Yuengling & Son (Pottsville, Pa.)
India pale lager

SIXPACK SEZ: With this newfangled hybrid India pale lager, Yuengling – that most traditional of America’s breweries – appears to have finally succumbed to the lingo and conventions of modern craft beer. Where Pottsville’s finest was once content with plain ol’ Lager or Premium, it now speaks of dry-hopping and wonky IBUs and trendy Citra hops. Well, good for them. By getting with the times, this pre-Prohibition brewery has ...

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Sixpack of the Week: Dark Horse Scary Jesus Rock Star

Dark Horse (Marshall, Mich.)
Fruit and herb pale ale

SIXPACK SEZ: This sounds like a nightmare, and I’m not just talking about the over-the-top label. A beer made with chamomile and apricot could go wrong in the same way things went downhill for Sodom & Gomorrah. But it’s surprisingly tasty and earthy with complex fruit and herb flavors. Don’t get too butt-hurt over the name: It’s just a string of four random words suggested by a Chicago chef ...

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Sixpack of the Week: Innis & Gunn Original

Innis & Gunn (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Barrel-aged Scottish ale

SIXPACK SEZ: The brewery says this superb barrel-aged Scottish ale is the product of a happy accident. Seems the original was intended only to condition casks for a distillery, to be tossed out as waste. But everyone agreed the aging process had improved the ale, and today all of the Edinburgh beers get the oak treatment, imparting deep fruit and vanilla flavors.

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Sixpack of the Week: Shmaltz Wishbone Session Double IPA

Shmaltz (Clifton Park, N.Y.)
Double IPA
ALCOHOL: 8 percent

SIXPACK SEZ: With a name like Shmaltz, you’d figure most people would be in on the joke. But beer nerds went nuts when the offbeat brewery came out with this tasty yet oxymoronic session double IPA. An 8 percent pounder?!? Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. After all, one man’s binge is another’s session.

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