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Will the Eagles’ new stadium be too nice?

SEATTLE – Eagles fans have seen their future and it is . . . nice.

Maybe too nice.

Hundreds arrived here yesterday in waves of green, anxious to watch the Birds continue their march to the playoffs. They got a good look at the NFL’s newest palace, the state-of-the-art Seahawks Stadium – and a chance to imagine what’s in store … Read the rest

No plastic bottles for Eagles games

The first angry boo of the 2002 NFL season hasn’t even been hollered from the 700 Level, but the Eagles aren’t taking any chances.

Fearing that their own fans can’t be trusted to behave, the team has banned the sale of plastic bottles at the Vet this season.

That includes all beverages. Beer, soda and water will be served in … Read the rest

Weapons Ban: Eagles halt sale of bottled beer

IN THE NO-BRAINER decision of the year, the Eagles yesterday announced they will disarm their own fans at Sunday’s game against the hated New York Giants.

Having already seized their guns, drugs and sharp objects, the team banned the sale of plastic beer bottles during the game.

The move had nothing to do with rescuing the city’s long-suffering beer-swillers from … Read the rest

Avoid the squeeze play and save some dough at the Vet

Box seats at the Vet: $24.

Cold hot dog served by finger-licking vendor: $2.75.

Bringing your own hoagie and sneaking into the expensive seats: Priceless.


According to the Chicago-based Team Marketing Report, an afternoon at Veterans Stadium will set back a family of four $132.42.

That’s actually cheap by major league standards. The most expensive team – the Boston … Read the rest

You’ll be in safe hands now: Concession workers will be wearing gloves at the Vet this season

The ballplayers won’t be the only ones wearing gloves when the Phillies host the Cubs today at Opening Day 2001.

For the first time in memory, the Vet’s concession workers will be wearing them, too.

Stung by a season of health-code violations and a notorious nose-picking affair, the stadium concessionaire will require its workers to wear plastic sanitary gloves when … Read the rest

Vet BYO ban on tap

Having thoroughly fleeced the peasants in the cheap seats, Veterans Stadium now turns its attention to the aristocrats in the luxury boxes.

An unwritten BYO rule that has saved these beer-drinking blue bloods millions of dollars at taxpayer expense will be abolished starting on Opening Day this spring.

City Hall officials say that, under a new food and beverage contract … Read the rest

Vendor has had several fouls


Ogden Entertainment – and then Aramark – suffered a string of woes at Veterans Stadium:
In a 1998 scandal, the Daily News found the stadium vendor was short-pouring beers, cheating fans out of an estimated $500,000 in lost suds. That led to a scathing rebuke from City Council over its lousy, overpriced food.

In 1999, the concessionaire was cited … Read the rest

City, vendor negotiating secret no-bid vending deal at the Vet

The Street administration is secretly negotiating a $15 million-plus hot dog and beer contract at Veterans Stadium with the very company that has been cited by health authorities for slopping up unsafe food from the ballpark’s vermin-infested kitchens.
The deal, sources said, would shut out bids from competitors and bypass oversight by City Council.

It would give the firm – … Read the rest

The talk is all Philly with a capital Pee

In the port-a-potty line, everybody’s got their two cents.

Football strategy, the stadium debate, the weather, nitrous oxide balloons – you hear it all while waiting for your turn in the stall. Everything, thankfully, but presidential politics.

It is pure, opinionated, loud-mouth Philly tawk.

On the afternoon of the Eagles’ biggest home game of the season, I take my place … Read the rest

Eagles fans tank up on nitrous

The fans’ mind-altering chemical of choice at Eagles games this season is not reefer, but nitrous oxide.

That’s right, laughing gas.

In yet another bizarre chapter in the city’s storied history of fan misbehavior, thousands of green-and-white-clad Eagles fans now commonly prepare for gridiron battles by tanking up on large doses of the mild anesthesia.

It is a pregame ritual … Read the rest