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5 must-stops for real beer-lovers

YOUR CORNER bar is your favorite beer haunt, of course, but every once in a while you’ve gotta stretch your legs.

This year, make your vacation plans around one of these five Beer Destinations You Must Visit Before You Die.

McMenamin’s Edgefield

This 99-year-old former poorhouse on 74 acres in Troutdale, Ore., outside of Portland, is one of the McMenamin … Read the rest

Brewing a taste for Belgian beer

HERZELE, Belgium – Spend a few days in forests of East Flanders with the world’s most insatiable beer hunters, and you quickly understand one thing about this tiny nation’s phenomenal ales:

America is barely scratching the surface.

You say your town’s favorite Belgian bar has 75 different bottles? You boast that your local beer distributor now carries six different Trappist … Read the rest

Philly brewer wows Vienna with his own pale ale

ANTON DREHER’S cold, stiff hand has a hold on Bill Covaleski’s mortal soul.

Dreher, one of the 19th century’s great European brewers, has been dead and buried for 140 years.

Covaleski, the 40-something co-founder of Downingtown’s Victory Brewing, is a highly regarded member of America’s new generation of craftbrewers.

At first sip, it’s hard to see the connection.

Dreher is … Read the rest

It’s National Beer Day in Iceland

Like most numbskull ideas, this one sounded perfectly sane at the time.

The “time,” not surprisingly being the end of a long, confused night at a Center City tap room a couple weeks ago, when a pal told me, “Yo, did you know March 1st is National Beer Day in Iceland? “

Who cares? It’s too freaking cold up there, … Read the rest

Under the Portland microscope, Philly comes up small

Thirty-six – I counted ’em – 36 different Northwest brews tickled Joe Sixpack’s polished tonsils last week.

Others would call that a binge. I prefer “fact-finding mission.”

The scene was Portland, Ore., which – with all due respect to Philly, Denver and San Francisco – is the undisputed craft-beer capital of America. Though one-third the size of Philadelphia, the City … Read the rest

City of lights (and ales and lagers)

PARIS – Your eyes do not deceive you, mon ami. As the dateline sez, your People Paper beer correspondent has been dispatched across the Atlantic, to wine country.

No, I’ve not forsaken the grain for the grape. The byline, after all, is Joe Sixpack – not Pierre Carafe.

Nor is this some lame-brain editorial diversity scheme to reach out … Read the rest

All at sea with bilge-like beer

Ahoy, matey. Pull up your stool and listen ye closely as Cap’n Sixpack chills your spine with a terrible tale of seven dreadful nights adrift upon the high seas.

Neither pirates nor man-eating urchins plagued our odyssey. This fearless crew faced challenges of an even more evil sort:

A boatful of bad beer.

I shudder as the memory creases my … Read the rest