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Beer Reporter Joe Sixpack is available for private bookings at businesses and private parties in your home. Each appearance is tailored to the host’s needs, with the focus on providing a unique, entertaining, relaxing, beer-drinking experience for your guests.

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What’s a Joe Sixpack Tutored Tasting?

There’s never been a more exciting time to enjoy beer. Thanks to a revolutionary explosion of craft beer in America and abroad, beer drinkers can enjoy an astounding variety of flavors. Dark, sweet, golden, tart, hoppy, strong – beer offers a huge spectrum of complex taste sensations.

For those who love beer, for those who think they don’t, for those who are just plain confused, for those who’d like to learn more about their favorite beverage, a Joe Sixpack tutored tasting sorts it out with a fun, flavorful, educational elbow-bending session.

Participants are introduced to an array of styles, from pilsner to stout. They’ll learn how beer is made and how to recognize good beer from bad.

A tasting features a variety of beers with each presented and fully described by Joe Sixpack. Seasonal beers… extreme beers… classic styles… Belgians… Germans… American craft breweries. Domestic, imports, you name it – this is a fun, informal event with an opportunity for guests to learn about a range of beers and share their own tastes with Joe Sixpack.

What you get: Pre-event consultation, a selection of 5 beers for your guests with an in-depth 90-minute tasting presentation, and meet & greet.

Appearance fee: Starts at $34.95 per person (minimum 20 guests).


  • Soft pretzel nuggets – $20 (serves 20).
  • Gourmet cheese & pepperoni – $65 (serves 20).
  • Hoagie tray – $100 (serves 20).
  • Souvenir glassware – $2.50 small sampling cup; $7 large Belgian-style tulip glass. (Custom-printed for your event. Order 60 days in advance, min. 20.)
  • Autographed copies of Joe Sixpack’s latest book – $10 each.
  • Extra supply of specialty beer for your guests – at cost.

Of course, I’ll customize my presentation to meet your needs and work with your caterer! Perfect for corporate groups, networking and private parties.