Top 10 beer travel destinations for 2015

WHEN THE SUN is swallowed all day by gray skies and gloom, when the streets turn black with week-old slush, when even double IPAs taste like rock salt, a Philadelphian can’t help but think about getting out of town. Here are 10 beer-soaked destinations to consider:

1. Lititz, Pa. This quaint Lancaster County town boasts three brewpubs, including JoBoy’s, where southern barbecue is also on the menu. After a stop at the Sturgis Pretzel House, grab a bite and ...

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Beer Radar: New nano coming to Trappe. Plus: The return of Oud Beersel in Philly

Looks like a new nanobrewery is headed to Trappe (Montco). It’s Tuned Up Brewing, headed by Jeremy Burke, a local homebrewer who’s been testing batches for several months. He’s joined by a couple local musicians (thus the brewery’s name). State and federal license paperwork was submitted in recent weeks… Here’s some investigative reporting I can get behind: Testing for bacteria in draft lines. It’s not a health concern, but lactobacillus can sour your beer. Also, first time I’ve ...

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Memo to A-B: Here’s how to capitalize on the outrage over your ill-conceived anti-craft Super Bowl ad

Just share the ad WITHOUT the boldface lettering, and encourage beer drinkers to write their own script. Your tech guys can build a simple web tool on your own website like this one.

Do it now, and you’ll create an instant viral campaign that will:

  1. Leverage the $9 million you spent on airtime to create more buzz;
  2. Soften some of the outrage by craft fans;
  3. Enhance your cred among the sector you were trying to reach in the first place.

Yes, some (most?) of ...

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Sixpack of the week: Conshohocken Puddlers Row ESB

Conshohocken (Conshohocken, Pa.)
Extra special bitter

SIXPACK SEZ: It takes a confident brewer to enter Philly with an extra special bitter, the very style with which Yards kicked off the city’s brewing revival in the mid-‘90s. But Conshy brewer Andrew Horne, who arrived from the Pacific Northwest in 2014, has no reason to back off with this excellent, malty bitter. It’s a spin-off of a medal-winner he developed for an Oregon brewery, but I like to think he ...

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A quick guide to San Franciso Beer Week

SFBW2015San Francisco can lay claim to the birthplace of America’s beer renaissance. It’s where Anchor Brewing was revived, and it’s not far from where New Albion – America’s first microbrewery – was opened in 1977.

But that’s ancient history. The reason you want to travel to San Francisco is because of its beer scene today. Of course, there’s no ...

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Iron Hill medal machine moves on

Bob Barrar, the GABF and World Cup medal machine at Iron Hill/Media, gave his notice this morning to take the brewmaster’s position at 2SP Brewing in Aston, Delaware County, planned to open late spring, early summer of 2015.

Barrar, whose bald head, bushy beard and approachable personality makes him one of the most easily recognized local brewers, is one of the Iron Hill chain’s key brewers, serving at Media for the past 12 years. In that time, he has collected 19 ...

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Why there are no jocks in beer commercials anymore

WATCH THE beer commercials during Sunday’s Super Bowl, and you’ll see ponies and horses and Pac-Man.

Here’s what you won’t see during breaks in America’s most-watched athletic event: professional athletes.

Though sports celebrities these days endorse everything from underpants to arthritis meds, beer is apparently off limits.

Think about it: When was the last time you saw an athlete touting his or her favorite brewski on TV? I’m thinking it was Lance Armstrong shilling for Michelob Ultra during Super Bowl XLIV in ...

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Beer Radar: What the press release doesn’t say about a new Belgian beer

Heverlee, a new Belgian pilsner shows up in Philly this week, with launch events Wednesday (1/28) at Eulogy (Old City) and Garret Hill Ale House (Bryn Mawr, Montco). The promotional materials say it was “created in association with the Abbey of the Order of Premontre” in Leuven, Belgium, by “master brewer” Joris Brams, whose research turned up evidence that medieval monks were brewing light lagers before their “knowledge and craft was almost wiped out when brewing became commercial. The ...

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