PubLetters at Paddy’s Pub

PubLetters, a unique evening of beer drinking and letter writing, returns to the local scene every Tuesday in November, from 7-9 p.m. at Paddy’s Pub (228 Race St., Old City).

Take a step back from your digital device, grab a beer and an actual writing implement and craft a letter. Write to anyone: a friend, a president, a soldier overseas. Discover the joy of putting ink to paper.

PubLetters supplies the envelopes, stationery, pens and stamps – you supply the words.

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Beer stuff you never knew existed

LADIES and gentlemen, I give you 10 beer things you never knew existed:

The Crowlerwpid-wp-1414182810430.jpg

If a growler is a large bottle of draft beer to go, what’s a Crowler? That’s a large can of freshly tapped suds.

Oskar Blues Brewery, in Colorado, a pioneer in modern canned craft beer, developed a machine to fill and seal a ...

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Beer Radar – Oct. 29, 2014

Because they begin showing up on shelves in July, most pumpkin beers are long gone by now. But on this Halloween weekend, they’re in full supply at Devil’s Den (South Philly), where the likes of DuClaw barrel-aged Pinchy Jeek and Southern Tier Pumking are pouring for a buck off, if you show up in costume…

Have you seen Yards Brewery’s great wall of hops (left), yet… ? Yards Brewery Wall of Hops

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Beer Travel Tip Sheet

A weekly guide to beer travel info. Pack your suitcase and grab a beer!

How to bring home your beer

  • The TSA won’t let you stash bottles in your carry-ons (unless you’re fond of 3.4oz bottles). Yes, you can grab a bottle at Duty Free shops, but remember: Don’t open the bottle till you’re past the security check-in.
  • If you’re packing it, in a suitcase, remember to bring along some bubble wrap. Dirty underwear will work in a pinch.
  • ULine carries Styrofoam 12-packs ...
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At First Gulp: Old Forge Bella Vista


A crisp, nicely bittered IPA brewed for BV Distributors 30th Anniversary. An extremely well made beer, served fresh at Tria Tap Room. This is not an over-the-top IPA, just a solid drinker. Old Forge has to be the most underrated brewery in Pennsylvania. You don’t hear much about them in Philly, but they’re turning out superb brews.

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How to go from homebrewer to pro in 5 years

You say you’ve got mad beer-making skills and you’d go pro if only you had the time to step up your game?

Send the old ball-and-chain out of town.

It worked for John Wible, who went from a complete noob to head brewer at 2nd Story Brewing, in Old City, in just five years.

He looked almost sheepish as he recounted the story Monday afternoon, as the first customers streamed into his new brewpub, operating out of the space that Triumph Brewing ...

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