Portrait of an artist as a beer drinker

OVER the years, beer enthusiasts have chronicled some remarkable pursuits in the name of their favorite adult beverage.

Some have managed to drink a different beer every day for a year. There was the guy who visited a different bar every night of the year. There was another who lived on nothing but bock for the six weeks of Lent.

Scott Clendaniel is putting them to shame. In 2014, he is painting 365 different beers. It’s no digital trick. He’s doing it ...

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Bud Light: Insert meaningless slogan here

MAN, when did Anheuser-Busch get so lame with its slogans?

The company that gave us the memorable “This Bud’s for you” and “Real Men of Genius” campaigns of yore will spend an unconscionable $28 million on Super Bowl ads to unveil the latest and utterly forgetful tagline for Bud Light:

“The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens.”

Just rolls right off your tongue, don’t it?

By “whatever,” we can assume they don’t mean “worst-case scenario,” as in, “Too bad your wife has cancer, but at least you’ve got ...

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Praiseworthy beer from American Trappists

GOD ALMIGHTY – an American-made Trappist beer?

That’s the news that stunned beer drinkers last month, as St. Joseph’s Abbey, about an hour west of Boston, revealed that its Spencer Trappist Ale had been certified as the first Trappist beer brewed outside of Europe.

The monastic brewery will carry on the ancient Benedictine principal that monks should “live by the work of their hands.”

It all seems so quaint and holy, especially considering the near-sacred regard for other Trappist beers, including Chimay and Orval.

We’ve come a long way ...

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Pick a team, pick a beer

THE EAGLES’ absence notwithstanding, this should be a pretty decent NFL conference championship Sunday for beer lovers. I mean, we could’ve been stuck with third-tier suds outposts like Green Bay, Arizona and (the gods forbid) Kansas City.

Instead, the four teams vying for a shot at Super Bowl XLIII represent some pretty awesome beer towns. If you’re going to do up a blowout this weekend, you’ll have no problem putting together an appropriate beer list.

I’ve offered suggestions, including “impossible” beers that ...

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16 beers for pot smokers

Federal law requires that beer labels meet a lengthy list of standards enforced by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. It prohibits labels that are, among other things, obscene, misleading or “contain any names of drugs, drug terms or slang associated with drugs or any depiction of drug paraphernalia.”

Either the TTB is overworked or it’s hopelessly uncool.

Kind Ryed IPA – The Kind

“The Kind” is slang for marijuana, but even if the ...

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Beer is going to pot

SO, THAT’S what they mean by Miller High Life.

With this month’s ballyhooed legalization of marijuana in Colorado, some beer makers are adding playful drug references to their brand names and labels, and regulators can do little to censor them.

Label oversight, a quirky if contentious area of federal alcohol law, has confounded breweries for years with often capricious standards that bear little on consumer protection.

Federal law, for example, oddly prohibits the use of coats of arms or wording that promises “pre-war strength,” ...

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Joe Sixpack's Beer of the Year 2013

JUST BEFORE the end of 2012, the Brewers Association, the Colorado-based organization that represents small breweries across America, issued a fatwa against poseurs in the beer world.

The campaign, called “Craft vs. Crafty,” sought to expose breweries that did notSierra Neada Beer Camp #94 Belgian-Style Black IPA is Joe Sixpack's Beer of the Year 2013meet its definition of “craft” brewers: “small, independent and traditional.” Its hit list included the likes of Blue Moon and ...

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A few of my favorite things, 2013

My favorite beer of 2013? You’re going to have a week till I make thatDuClaw Sweet Baby Jesusannouncement. In the meantime, there were lots of other notable newcomers throughout the year.

Best canned beer – Sly Fox Grisette. Named after the drab factory-class women of 17th-century France, this lemony wheat beer might be considered “saison light.” Thirst quenching with a bit of peppery yeast, it’s the perfect can to pop on the beach or at ...

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A Festivus Miracle

ONE THOUSAND years from this Monday, people around the world will celebrate Festivus by airing their grievances, displaying feats of strength and praising the miracle of a towering pole made of beer cans.

That’s the way the rituals of mankind evolve, isn’t it? From a simple act – a child born in a manger – to the sacred.

It’s been 16 years since the writers of the sitcom “Seinfeld” first alerted us to the wonders of Festivus, the goofy secular solstice festival ...

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The ultimate beer drinker's holiday gift guide

If you’re looking to stuff a stocking with something a little more special than a sixpack (not that there’s anything wrong with a sixpack, hint-hint), Joe Sixpack has just what you’re looking for – from bottle openers to worldwide travel.

For openers

There are a million different, very cool bottle openers out there, for beach sandals, dog collars, smart phones, TV remotes and more. Most breweries sell them online, and you can even order ...

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