Let’s do Ireland: Focus on Dingle

Somewhere along a remote, wind-swept coastal road, according to this description the Globe and Mail, we’re going to make our way to the two-room brewhouse of where brewers Adrienne Heslin and Paul O’Loingsigh (above) use well water that is “fresh and limey and perfect for dark beers.”

We’ll poke around, we’ll talk beer, and then we’ll drink a porter that, writer Bent Archer once described, “was to Guinness what Guinness is to Bud.”

That is high praise, and it is exactly why ...

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Philadelphia’s fugitive brewery heir

There was a time in this city when everyone knew the name – and not just those who drank his family’s famous beer.

He raced in the Indianapolis 500, got into fistfights with cops, flew a Wright brothers biplane, and joined Pancho Villa’s rebellion in Mexico. He was a rogue, a draft dodger and a fugitive.

And 50 years ago yesterday, he died a madman.

Grover Cleveland Bergdoll, heir to one of the city’s greatest beer empires, never worked in a brewery. ...

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Welcome Brooklyn’s Garrett Oliver to Philly (and drink his beer)

Rock star brewer Garrett Oliver is coming to town on Feb. 1st, and I’m going to grill (um, I mean, “moderate”) him and a panel of industry insiders during a no-holds-barred evening of great beer talk at City Tap House, Logan Square.

Join me and panelists Lew Bryson (Seen Through a Glass) and Curt Decker (Nodding Head) as we drink Garrett’s beer and enjoy his passionate, beer-soaked conversation. No tix needed – just be there.

Yes, there will ...

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Sixpack of the Week: Troegs Scratch 212 Chocolate Stout

Troegs (Hershey, Pa.)
Chocolate stout

SIXPACK SEZ: Though this rotating small-batch brewhouse series has been around a long time, you could buy it only if you trudged out to Chocolate Town, USA, and visited the brewery’s in-house store. Finally it’s hitting the big time as part of a seasonal variety case, and the debut is a winner: A velvety smooth chocolate milk stout that will have you reaching for a straw. I’d love to see this served on ...

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Join Joe Sixpack in Ireland: Focus on Killarney

Beer freaks (myself included) are often accused of the single-minded of that next glass of great suds, our focus firmly on the bottom of the glass.

Somehow I think that’s gonna change as we head to the Atlantic coast of Ireland. The soaring cliffs made famous in great films from The Quiet Man (above) to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Why don’t you join me? Our excursion departs in October 2016 – book now!

Meanwhile, read on for more on the beer ...

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Joe Sixpack’s upcoming trek to Ireland: Focus on Cork

Part of the fun of beer travel is just getting there, which is another way of saying we’ll be packing plenty of brews as we make our way across Ireland.

After three days in Dublin, we’ll travel southwest through County Kildare toward Cork. Along the way, we’ll be hitting several attractions and, of course, a brewery or two. Expect plenty of beer talk, a bottle share and more.

Why don’t you join me? Our excursion departs in October 2016 – book ...

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Born in a bar: Intoxication is the mother of invention

A lot of bad decisions are made in bars. Dancing with your pants on your head . . . Bingeing on a second cheesesteak . . . Drunk dialing . . . Sex with your ex . . .

But, c’mon, let’s give barrooms their due, for without them there’d be no libraries, no credit cards and no NASCAR.

Here are 10 great things that were born in bars.

1. The United States Marine Corps

Jarheads, who have been known to pound a ...

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Sixpack of the Week: Ballast Point Ballast Point Homework Series Batch No. 6

Ballast Point (San Diego)

SIXPACK SEZ: Now this is the kind of take-home assignment a beer drinker can get behind. Ballast Point’s Homework Series comes with a detailed recipe so homebrewers can do it themselves, then compare how close their work comes to the original. This one’s a beautiful robust porter sweetened with a bit of Belgian candi sugar that’s worthy of an all-nighter.

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Join Joe Sixpack in Dublin in October 2016

Not long ago, you could say the beer scene in Ireland amounted to Guinness and a few also-rans. Remarkably in a country known for its pub-going population, there were only a dozen breweries nationwide.

joe sixpack in ireland 2But that is changing as Ireland has seen an explosive growth in craft breweries in the past five years. My beer-focused excursion is your ...

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Untappd and checked-in: On the road to 7,000 beers

You know Woody Chandler, or at least you do if you’ve ever gone to a beer festival around these parts. He’s the character with the Rasputin beard wearing a monk’s robe and a beer-mug hat.

Oh, right – we’re talking beer freaks, so maybe that doesn’t completely narrow it down. I’m talking about the dude who just posted his 7,000th unique check-in on Untappd, the popular social networking app for beer-lovers.

That means he’s tasted 7,000 different beers since 2011 – ...

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