Yearly Archives: 1998

Little League, major pleasures

After a long thirsty season of short beers and bad dogs at Veterans Stadium, Joe Sixpack this week stumbled on the undisputed mecca of ballparks.

It’s Howard J. Lamade Stadium in Williamsport, Pa., home of the Little League baseball world series.

Free admission, free parking, cheap eats and baseball the way it was meant to be played.

Frankly, the only … Read the rest

Unofficially, an Olympic moment from Wasatch

I’ve never tasted Wasatch Brewery’s beers, but I like its style.

The Utah microbrewery is in trouble with the U.S. Olympic Committee over its slogan that proclaims it “the unofficial beer of the 2002 Winter Games.” According to the Salt Lake City organizers of the Winter Olympics, that’s a little too close to Anheuser-Busch’s real estate; the beer Borgs from … Read the rest

Local beer to keep its Independence

Joe Sixpack’s column last week about Independence Brewing’s business plans had a few sober readers, including brewery president Bob Connor, scratching their heads about some fuzzy-headed logic that spilled from my keyboard.

Namely, that Independence’s plans to merge with Pittsburgh Brewing was a threat to the sanctity of good ol’ Philly beer.

Among other things, I fretted that the deal … Read the rest

Fan gets lawsuit brewing: Seeks $20M for stadium beer policy

Veterans Stadium’s unwritten bring-your-own-bottle rule for luxury-box fans is constitutionally unfair to regular Joes, alleges a federal class-action lawsuit filed yesterday.

A West Chester Eagles fan filed the suit following reports by Joe Sixpack that the stadium allows affluent fans and corporate honchos to stock their own liquor in stadium luxury boxes.

The fan, Mary Helen Jacobs, seeks $20 million … Read the rest

City to probe unfair stadium beer practices

An unwritten rule that lets corporate honchos and wealthy fans avoid the high price of Veterans Stadium beer is under review by the mayor’s office.

While average fans are prohibited from bringing their own suds to the park, management at the city-owned facility allows penthouse suite and super box ticketholders to stock their own booze.

The discriminatory practice, disclosed yesterday … Read the rest

Elite fans beat beer prices with BYO cases at the Vet

There are two kinds of beer-drinking Phillies fans at the Vet.

Those, like Joe Sixpack, who shell out their hard-earned cash for the most expensive draft brew in the National League.

And the lucky ones, who avoid inflated prices and bring their own beer to the ballpark – legally, and with the encouragement of stadium officials.

The first are searched … Read the rest

Beer merger in the offing?

As if it weren’t enough that Pennsylvania’s second-biggest city oozed into town and screwed up our hospitals and banks, now the interlopers from Pittsburgh are messing with our beer.

Pittsburgh Brewing Co., maker of Iron City beer, is in negotiations to take over Philadelphia’s tiny, publicly held Independence Brewing.

Both sides have described the merger talks as preliminary.

Nonetheless, the … Read the rest

Who’s pilfering the pilsners and pocketing those pints?

Full Disclosure Dep’t: Once, about 20 years ago, I walked out of the Fort – a dark and stale midstate college bar where you could drink Genny Cream all night for about two bucks – with a 12-ounce glass mug tucked down my pants. It sat in my kitchen for the remainder of the semester, filled only occasionally with orange … Read the rest

Seeking greater Independence, a microbrewer adds labels, pub

No one will ever mistake Bob Connor for Augie Busch, but the Northeast Philly brewery chief is building a mini-conglomerate that may unnerve some diehard microbrew fans.

In recent weeks, Connor’s Independence Brewing Co. has acquired three beer labels and joined with Washington, D.C.’s, Capitol City Brewing to operate a long-awaited brewpub at Broad and Chestnut streets. The moves suddenly … Read the rest

Hard cider comes out of hiding in Pennsylvania

Before last week, the last time I tasted hard cider, I was about 9. Granny was in the kitchen cooking up some possum stew, and Uncle Jed was out by the cee-ment pond, whittlin’ his stick.

Me and Cousin Jethro snuck into the root cellar and found Granny’s jug, threateningly marked XXX. Talk about “bubblin’ crude,” that cider had us … Read the rest