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‘Beer snob?’ Moi? Think this is a wine column?

Possibly it escaped your notice between mugs of pilsener, but a nasty little spat is beginning to erupt in the world of beer.

The issue is snobbery among hops heads and the emergence of snooty, palate-enhanced “experts” who – much like those puckered oenophiles who delight themselves by sloshing chablis around their gums – are threatening to turn beer appreciation … Read the rest

Second suit taps Ogden

The only thing more tenacious than a beer-drinking journalist, possibly, is a Philadelphia lawyer with a class-action lawsuit.

Ogden Entertainment, the company that serves up short cups of beer and overpriced hot dogs at Veterans Stadium, now has two of the latter on its case.

A day after company execs sweated through Joe Sixpack’s damning City Council testimony about the … Read the rest

Vet execs barley knew what hit ’em

The execs from Ogden Entertainment were sweating under the TV lights as City Council members Jim Kenney, Frank Rizzo and Joan Krajewski grilled them about the price of beer at the Vet.

Joe Sixpack almost felt sorry for them.

A few minutes earlier, I had demonstrated to a packed City Council caucus room how it was physically impossible to fill … Read the rest

All at sea with bilge-like beer

Ahoy, matey. Pull up your stool and listen ye closely as Cap’n Sixpack chills your spine with a terrible tale of seven dreadful nights adrift upon the high seas.

Neither pirates nor man-eating urchins plagued our odyssey. This fearless crew faced challenges of an even more evil sort:

A boatful of bad beer.

I shudder as the memory creases my … Read the rest

Pub winner poured on the blarney

Listowel, County Kerry, has about 4,000 Irishmen and 45 pubs.

It sounds like Fishtown, but Penn Charter grad Trevor O’Driscoll says it’s another world.

“There’s really not much I’ve ever seen that’s like this place,” O’Driscoll said about Finucane’s, the bar he won this week in the annual Guinness Win Your Own Pub in Ireland contest.

“I’m really not going … Read the rest

Rain stops, now they pour

Joe Sixpack’s been holed up for the past coupla weeks, waiting for the next ark. Though I believe I do see a bit of sun shining through the bottom of my tilted mug.

So damn the monsoon – it’s time to pull off your poncho and raise a pint. There’s plenty of beer action around the corner.

Start with the … Read the rest

Vet beer suit could end in frees for all

The two greatest words in the English language spilled magically over the lips of Philadelphians yesterday. Like the foam of a perfectly poured pint of ale, the words bubbled gleefully as news of a uniquely appealing lawsuit spread throughout town:

Free beer!

Wet your whistles, sports fans. The Phillies suds-skimming scam just took a tasty twist.

Yesterday’s Daily News report … Read the rest

Cousins file class-action suit in Vet Suds-Skimming Scandal

A pair of beer-drinking Phillies fans have tapped into the foaming furor over those paper cups of flat, overpriced Veterans Stadium brew.

Inspired by Daily News reports that exposed what appears to be a half-million-dollar stadium suds shortfall, the two engine mechanics have filed a class-action lawsuit that charges the stadium concessionaire with negligence and fraud.

“It’s unjust, It’s not … Read the rest

Thankfully, your cup runneth under at the Vet

Complaining about beer at Phillies games brings to mind that old joke about the two ladies disgusted with their lunch.

“The soup tastes horrible,” says the first.

“Yes,” agrees the second, “and the portion is too small. ”

Joe Sixpack spent the better part of last week griping about getting shorted two ounces on every $5 beer they sell at … Read the rest

Probe of Vet’s beer and food urged

The Bad News Beers – an overpriced bunch of misfit Veterans Stadium brews – may soon get yanked from the lineup by City Council.

Citing allegations of possible consumer fraud, Councilman Jim Kenney yesterday called for hearings to investigate the Vet’s food and beverage concession.

“People have gotten used to paying high prices for bad food,” said Kenney, whose Licenses … Read the rest