Yearly Archives: 1999

Taverns shouldn’t tell patrons to pack it in

You’re in a bar, your favorite bar.

Order a beer, strike a match, take a sip.

A burst of flame, a collar of foam, a cloud of smoke.

The smell of tobacco, the taste of hops, the glorious haze.

Drinking and smoking may not be inseparable, but for many inhabitants of neighborhood taverns, inhaling a puff is as much a … Read the rest

Vet rip-offs blasted. Council probe finds deceit, arrogance and high prices

A six-month City Council probe of last season’s suds-skimming scam at the Vet has found what every Philadelphia sports fan already knows:

The city-owned stadium is gouging its visitors with lousy food and expensive prices.

In a scathing report that describes the stadium vendor as arrogant and deceptive, Councilman Jim Kenney concludes that ballpark beer drinkers were ripped off more … Read the rest

Binge bowl: Skullsplitter is worth quaffing, even if the Vikings lost

Too bad Randall Cunningham and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings choked in the NFC championship game. Yeah, Joe Sixpack lost a bundle on those miserable weasels – but, even worse, we all lost a perfect opportunity to guzzle one of the more appropriately named beers on Super Bowl Sunday.


It is, I believe, the only beer with a … Read the rest

Cure the common cold with a few uncommonly tasty beers

Besides the obvious, beer is good for a lot of things.

It ends hangovers. It takes the sting out of losing streaks. It puts bad relationships into perspective.

And, after several nights of intensive medical research, Joe Sixpack can now assure you that beer will, in fact, cure the common cold.

I know this runs contrary to conventional medical opinion. … Read the rest

Forget the bubbly – Pass the mead

News item: French authorities predict worldwide champagne shortage when the planet rings in 2000.

I’m tempted to say it serves ’em right. That’s what wine-sippers get for toasting the new year with the alcoholic equivalent of Tang.

But in the spirit of the season, I’d instead like to propose an alternative that should satisfy everyone, from bubble-swallowing dilettantes to beer-chugging … Read the rest