Yearly Archives: 2000

To your health: Beer is good for you

News item: Laboratory tests show hamsters that drink the equivalent of two beers a day have less heart disease than teetotaling hamsters.

OK, so that’s good news for us health-conscious boozers. But the question I’ve got for Mr. Science is:

Where’d they find the tiny frosted mugs?

I’m picturing a bunch of furry little critters sitting around, hoisting brewskis inside … Read the rest

Vendor has had several fouls


Ogden Entertainment – and then Aramark – suffered a string of woes at Veterans Stadium:
In a 1998 scandal, the Daily News found the stadium vendor was short-pouring beers, cheating fans out of an estimated $500,000 in lost suds. That led to a scathing rebuke from City Council over its lousy, overpriced food.

In 1999, the concessionaire was cited … Read the rest

City, vendor negotiating secret no-bid vending deal at the Vet

The Street administration is secretly negotiating a $15 million-plus hot dog and beer contract at Veterans Stadium with the very company that has been cited by health authorities for slopping up unsafe food from the ballpark’s vermin-infested kitchens.
The deal, sources said, would shut out bids from competitors and bypass oversight by City Council.

It would give the firm – … Read the rest

The best sellers and the best cellars

You need somebody to watch your back, Keith Kelleher is the man. I’d trust this guy to hold my last paycheck.

Kelleher is the kind of man who can look temptation straight in the face and turn away without a second thought.

If Satan offered him the proverbial apple in the Garden of Eden, we’d still be walking around in … Read the rest

Go ahead, look in the basement

What’s in your basement?

Joe Sixpack asked local beer freaks to open their cellars for inspection.

* George Hummel, owner, Home Sweet Homebrew (2008 Samson St., Center City) – “Bertha. It’s a 15-year-old homebrew I made that’s completely over the top. It took five years for it just to carbonate.”

* Tom Baker, brewer, Heavyweight Brewing (Ocean County, N.J.) – … Read the rest

Shopping for the mother-in-law

Some lamebrain thought it would be a great idea to send Joe Sixpack shopping for a Christmas gift for the mother-in-law.


Why not just cut off my thumbs?

A gift for the ol’ battle ax? That’s the wife’s job!

But lamebrain’s the boss.

Faced with cold-hearted marching orders, there was only one thing a red-blooded man could do.

I … Read the rest

Foam for the holidays

It was when the bartender offered to glaze my glass with spices that it struck me that I may have gone a little overboard on my annual holiday beer hunt this season.

What began as a simple beer run to the corner deli had degenerated into a desperate drive down I-95, through pelting rain and savage traffic in the middle … Read the rest

You call this stuff brew? Ha!

Have you taken a good, close gander at the beer cooler at your local deli lately?

It’s almost impossible to find an honest beer in there.

It was bad enough when that watery bile known as light beer started masquerading as the real thing. Now the shelf space is being chewed up by beers that really aren’t beers at all.… Read the rest

The talk is all Philly with a capital Pee

In the port-a-potty line, everybody’s got their two cents.

Football strategy, the stadium debate, the weather, nitrous oxide balloons – you hear it all while waiting for your turn in the stall. Everything, thankfully, but presidential politics.

It is pure, opinionated, loud-mouth Philly tawk.

On the afternoon of the Eagles’ biggest home game of the season, I take my place … Read the rest

Dock Street Brewpub finds its anchor… finally

A brief, confusing history of Dock Street beer:

First, there was Dock Street Amber in a bottle, the city’s first micro-brewed beer. Only, it was actually made in Utica, N.Y.

Then, there was Dock Street Brewing Co. Brewery & Restaurant on Logan Circle, the city’s first all-grain brewpub. Only, you couldn’t drink bottles of its amber at its own bar.… Read the rest