Bin Laden been drinking Heineken?

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First came reports that two of the hijackers in the Sept. 11 terror attack used to hang out at a bar in Paterson, N.J., and drink watered-down Heineken.
Now we get word that millionaire terror boss Osama bin Laden enjoyed those skunky green bottles, too.

According to author Adam Robinson in “Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of Terror,” the world’s most wanted man probably started downing them as a teen-ager:

“At 16, bin Laden tasted alcohol for the first time. Most students were not sophisticated enough to try spirits or cocktails, so it seems likely that he began with a bottled beer, probably the Dutch-brewed Heineken that was favored by students because of its cheapness. He seems to have enjoyed the experience because during his first year in Lebanon bin Laden and his friends became fixtures in the Broumanna student drinking scene. ”

Bin Laden eventually gave up the boozing and declared a jihad against America. He should’ve switched to Amstel Light instead.

Memo of the month

Posted originally at FuckedCompany.Com, here’s a company memo that’s been floating around the Internet.

From: Helene Sanford (vice president, human resources).

Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 2:10 p.m.

To: Watertown.

Subject: Beer in the fridges.

“Two weeks ago when we had Beer Wednesday there was a case and a half left over which was placed in the large lunchroom refrigerators for future beer Wednesdays and now only 3 beers remain. This is not beer for consumption outside of Beer Wednesday or to take home. Please do not consume the food and drinks in the refrigerator if it does not belong to you. Per our drug-free workplace policy, ‘Consumption of alcohol on company premises is permitted only at company-sponsored functions. ‘

“Please let me know if you have any questions about this. ”

Uh, just one:

Beer Wednesdays? Finally, a work-free drug policy!

Ch-ch-ch-chill out

It’s time to stow the light lagers and reach for the heavy-duty stuff – holiday ales and winter brews. Here’s a six-pack of some cold-weather favorites, available now:

  1.  Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. Like Christmas decorations, the red-and-green box shows up earlier every year.
  2. Victory Storm King. A six-pack of this stout and a log in the fireplace, and you’re cookin’.
  3. Flying Fish Grand Cru Winter Reserve. Sour mash and bottle-conditioned, it’s like Flying Fish’s Farmhouse Summer Ale with longjohns.
  4.  Heavyweight Old Salty Barleywine. If you were smart, you saved a bottle of this 11-percenter from last year’s batch.
  5.  Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout. The world’s strongest beer that actually tastes like a beer. Wallet warning: A case tops $100, so divvy up the bottles with friends.
  6.  La Trappe Quadrupel. Had a bottle of this Dutch Trappist the other night at McMenamin’s (7170 Germantown Ave., Mount Airy), then walked six miles home in the 30-degree wind-chill and didn’t feel a thing.


Tomorrow, Sunday – 10th annual Great Brews of America, one of the region’s top beer festivals features flavors from more than 50 breweries. The two-day fest is at Split Rock Resort, Lake Harmony in the Poconos. Tix: $18 advance, $22 at the door. Info: 800-255-7625.


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