Heineken denies it was Bin Laden’s brew

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Osama bin Laden could be the celebrity endorsement from hell.

Last month, when reports emerged that the millionaire terror boss was tooling around Afghanistan in a Toyota pickup truck, the Japanese SUV-maker spun its wheels trying to distance itself from bin Laden.

Now it’s Heineken.

Last week, Daily News beer scribe Joe Sixpack passed on word that a new bio suggests bin Laden favored the famous green bottle during his party animal days in Lebanon.

“Most students were not sophisticated enough to try spirits or cocktails,” says author Adam Robinson in “Bin Laden: Behind the Mask of Terror. ” “So it seems likely that he began with a bottled beer, probably the Dutch-brewed Heineken that was favored by students because of its cheapness. ”

Response from Heineken arrived too late for that dispatch last week, but here’s the company line, from a spokesman, who replied in an e-mail on Friday:

“When you read the quote you sent us, you can see for yourself that it is based on speculation, as it is stated ‘probably the Dutch-brewed Heineken. ‘

“Furthermore, Heineken, being a premium beer, is most unlikely to be favoured because of its cheapness.

“Beside the fact that this quote is based on speculation, and all we can conclude is that Heineken was the first name that popped up in the head of the author of the book when thinking about beer, Heineken regrets the association made between its brand and bin Laden, and let it be clear that Heineken as a company dissociates itself, as [does] the rest of the Western world, from terrorism.

“Kind regards, Manel Vrijenhoek, manager media relations.”


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