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Times are tough for brewers in Palestine

JERUSALEM – This is the land of milk and honey, not barley and hops.

But that hasn’t stopped me from scoping out the local beer scene.

Sad to say, it’s bad news, and not just because the people of this region drink even less alcohol than a Methodist in Ocean City. (Per capita annual consumption is 16 liters, or about … Read the rest

Hoist a brew to show your patriotism

I F IT’S WAR, even beer drinkers must do their part.

Local brewpubs are pitching in on Thursday with Unity Night, during which a portion of proceeds from beer sales will go to the United Way’s September 11th Fund.

The event is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Brewers Guild and Brewers News.

Here’s a list of local brewpubs who are kicking … Read the rest

Roll out the barrels and shake off the dust of 9/11

IT’S TIME for a beer, America.

If not to make us forget, then to clear the dust from our throats, and maybe a bit of malaise from our hearts.

That’s the hope of a record number of area brewers who are heading to next week’s Great American Beer Festival in Denver. It’s the nation’s biggest and best professionally judged taste … Read the rest

Baseball umpire Eric Gregg strikes back

AT FIRST, it sounds like one of those hard-luck stories you hear down at the end of the bar. The big man grips his glass and sadly recounts how he was on top of the world, only to lose it all in a cruel twist of fate.

“Twenty-three years old – I was the youngest major league umpire ever,” he … Read the rest

Yes, there was beer at Hef’s

STEVE FROM Bryn Mawr writes, “Enjoyed reading about your trip to the Playboy Mansion, but you never explained what the beer promo was for! ”

Steve, it should be apparent to anyone who caught Joe Sixpack’s report this week from Hugh Hefner’s sex pit, is a total beer freak. I offer an inside peek at half-naked chicks, and this guy’s … Read the rest

Beer bust: Joe Sixpack cavorts with Hef’s Playboy bunnies

All right, here’s the scene:

I’m in Hugh Hefner’s back yard. That’s right, Joe Sixpack at the Playboy Mansion.

I don’t have to tell you, the place is crawling with half-naked chicks. And I ‘ve got my arms around two of ’em, Miss August and Miss December.

Smile, the photog says. The flash goes off, and like a blue bolt … Read the rest

The best spots for single bottles


1. Perkuno’s Hammer is in the cooler. This hard-to-find Baltic-style porter from South Jersey’s Heavyweight Brewing is a sign the store’s micro list is deep. And, bonus, it’ll paralyze a Coors drinker on contact. 4 points.

2. The fluorescent lights inside the cooler are protected with UV filters, to help prevent skunky off-tastes. Look for the Beer Philadelphia sticker. … Read the rest

The Foodery, a local institution, gets sold

THE NEWS HAS been spreading around town for the past week, and it does not sound good.

“Did you hear? Adrian sold the Foodery. ”

That’s Adrian Paulus, the Dutch-born owner of the very best beer store in Philadelphia. With more than 500 different labels, from California micros to Belgian lambics, the Foodery is mecca for Philly beer freaks.

I … Read the rest

A taste of the ’50s


The portfolio of brands produced by S&P Industries is something out of the 1950s. Its beers were among some of the nation’s biggest regional breweries during the postwar era.

Now, the breweries are all gone. S&P’s beers exist in name only. Among its brands:

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon – “What’ll you have? “
  • Pearl – “Brewed in Eleven Hundred Springs,
Read the rest

Pabst goes pfffft in Allentown

The giant Pabst brewery outside Allentown produces more than a dozen different labels, everything from Colt 45 to Samuel Adams. So when it’s time for a cold one, which one do the brewery workers grab?

“When we had company picnics,” said Dave Haberacker, who’s worked at the plant for 28 years, “we always brought our Old Milwaukee. It was everybody’s … Read the rest