Yearly Archives: 2001

Hot cuppa joe for Joe

It’s a glass of beer, of course, that’s usually on Joe Sixpack’s mind. But a moment of unscheduled sobriety the other day compelled me to reflect on my other favorite intoxicant:


In a paper cup at a convenience store, in fine china after a big meal, in a mug at a diner, in a demitasse at a darkened cafe, … Read the rest

El Wingador rises to the top of the heap at Wing Bowl

A generation from now, when scholars attempt to explain the history of America – the greatest, most advanced civilization in one million years of mankind – they will point to the events that took place one morning in a packed arena on South Broad Street as the moment this blessed nation crumbled to its knees.
Wing Bowl IX.

We are … Read the rest

Think small and score some game day faves


OK, a warehouse club isn’t for everyone. If you’d prefer shopping with a basket, not a forklift, you can still stock up for your Super Bowl Feast at some of Joe Sixpack’s smaller party favorites.

DiBruno Bros. House of Cheese, 930 S. 9th St. – A visit here is a party for your nose. Even the long line on … Read the rest

The proper brew for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XXXV may be the biggest football beer-drinking challenge since NFL fans froze their lips tight at the sub-zero Packers/Cowboys Ice Bowl in ’68.

It’ll be almost as tough to swallow a geographically appropriate brew when the Ravens and Giants face off in the big game on Sunday.

Baltimore’s most famous beer, National Bohemian, hasn’t been produced in Baltimore … Read the rest

Hosting the guys for Super Sunday

After 40-some years on this planet, I’ve determined there are exactly two true tests of manliness.

The first is the westbound South Street entrance to the Schuylkill Expressway in a four-cylinder import with a barreling semi on your tail.

The other is the annual Super Bowl feast. Ten or 20 guys show up, and none of ’em have eaten, apparently, … Read the rest

We owe our freedom to the Spirits of ’76

It’s winters like this that puts bar-hopping to the test.

Slick sidewalks, bone-chilling winds, 150 channels on the satellite, plus pay-per-view – the temptation is to hunker down and wait till the city melts. You know, that whole cocooning thing.

A new book I’ve been reading, though, has reaffirmed my belief that every citizen – fierce weather be damned – … Read the rest