Yearly Archives: 2005

Sadly, end of summer means the end for Margate’s Maloney’s

TIME AND TIDES change everything down the shore. The beach, the towns, the people – they grow, they die.

It’s as inevitable as the waves, as sad as a seagull’s cry.

The end of the Summer of ’05 brings yet another change: Maloney’s Tavern on Washington Avenue in Margate will close forever. They’ll throw a farewell bash on Labor Day.… Read the rest

Miller Genuine Draft takes a hit in Reading court

HAVING turned its product into tasteless industrial swill, the Miller Brewing Co. must now face the cold, hard facts:

Miller Genuine Draftis not “genuine,” it’s not “draft.” It’s not even beer.

And that’s not just the opinion of Joe Sixpack. In a stunning decision issued last week, a county judge in Reading, Pa., declared that Miller isn’t – at least, … Read the rest

Thirsty Eagles fans need a training camp, too

TO QUOTE Terrell Owens, I wasn’t the one who got tired during the Super Bowl last season.

Some beer-drinking Eagles fans – you know who you are – just didn’t have the stamina to make it through the big game. Sure, you worked hard all season, pounding beers and racking up the keggage. Talent alone got you into the playoffs.… Read the rest

Serving ice-cold brew is not such a hot idea

IN HEAT like this, there’s nothing better than an ice cold beer – a crisp, tonsil-chilling, sweat-erasing lager served in a frosty mug.

There’s nothing better unless, of course, you actually prefer to taste your beer. Excessive cold deadens the taste buds and masks much of a good beer’s flavor.

And therein lies the great dichotomy of our favorite adult … Read the rest

Forget the Boston Tea Party, the rebellion started with beer in Philly

THE MAKERS of Samuel Adams beer came to town last week to kick off the Fourth of July weekend with the introduction of their so-called Beer Drinker’s Bill of Rights.

It’s a frothy little P.R. document that declares the “self-evident” truth that, among other things, beer should be served in brown bottles.

I have to give brewery chief Jim Koch … Read the rest

Rochefort 10: The Trappist brew you may never taste

ONE OF THE world’s greatest breweries never spends a dime on advertising.

It prints up beer coasters and puts its label on glassware. But there are no glossy magazine ads, no billboards, no jingles. And you certainly will never see white-haired Trappist monks from Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy monastery near Rochefort, Belgium, cavorting with buxom starlets in a beer commercial during … Read the rest

Joe Sixpack and Chef Coleman cook it out

YOURS TRULY is teaming up next week with chef Jim Coleman and Flying Fish Brewing for a barbecue dinner, and you’re invited.

Coleman, who flips burgers and creates cuisine at the Normandy Farm hospitality center in Montco, has put together an over-the-top outdoor menu. Forget the wieners, we’re talking Bali Shrimp and Seafood Mousse Sate with a Peanut Chile Sauce.… Read the rest

Will last week’s wine ruling affect beer sales?

NOT THAT we need grape-eaters to blaze our trails, but it’s looking like the U.S. Supreme Court’s pro-winery ruling last week could foam over into the beer world.

The court, in a 5-4 decision, ordered Michigan and New York to stop discriminating against out-of-state wineries in favor of their own because it’s a violation of interstate commerce rules. Though the … Read the rest

Friday the 13th is beer drinkers’ lucky day

YOU KNOW those mixed cases that stuff a bunch of different flavors in one big box?

This is one of those columns. You’ll find something in here

you’ll like; give the rest to a friend.

Among other things, Friday the Firkinteenth, the quirky keg fest at Grey Lodge Pub (6235 Frankford Ave., Mayfair), is a maddeningly crowded beer blast featuring … Read the rest

The real story about bock

You get used to those bouts of bewilderment that plague enthusiastic beer-drinkers; chalk ‘em up to just another hazard of our chosen profession.

You know, what happened to my pants? How come I’m sleeping on the lawn?

And then there’s bock beer.

Somehow, even when they’re stone-cold sober, many beer-drinkers are convinced this strong, malty lager is made with the … Read the rest