Yearly Archives: 2008

Racist Casper tshirt

Casper the unfriendly racist ghost

While heading down Pattison Avenue toward the ballpark for Jackie Robinson night at the Phillies, I found myself behind some guy in a green t-shirt advertising Casper’s Place on Cottman Avenue.

The cartoon ghost on the shirt is shown saying, “No spooks allowed.”

Racist Casper tshirtPlease don’t tell me it’s an innocent joke; I’m not stupid. Only a dipshit wears a shirt … Read the rest

Weyerbacher wants your understanding

If you’ve bought a case in the new year, you’ve probably noticed the price has been jacked up by a four or five bucks, maybe even more.

It’s not like we weren’t warned. Craft brewers have been griping about the rising prices of ingredients for months. Last fall, Dan Weirback, president of Weyerbacher Brewing in Easton, emailed a missive to … Read the rest