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Cold day, cold beer? Nah, brew’s better warm

YOU’VE HEARD of lawn-mower beers, those light, refreshing gulpers you pound after traipsing behind a Toro in the hot sun.

But what about snowblower beer? What do you drink after plowing your car out of a drift?

Midway through the worst winter in Philadelphia history, I’ve given this question a lot of thought and have come to the conclusion that … Read the rest

Brewers experiment with sour & smoky flavors

WANT TO know what beer tasted like in the olden days, when men were men and brewers were wizards?

Pete Slosberg, the guy who founded Pete’s Wicked Ales, says that when he conducts beer tastings, he tries “to get people away from the notion that when Robin Hood and his merry men were drinking in Sherwood Forest, they were drinking … Read the rest

Adventurer seeks to re-create centuries-old ale

IN 1852, the British government dispatched Royal Navy Cmdr. Edward Belcher and a fleet of five ships to the Canadian Arctic to search for the lost expedition of Sir John Franklin. They came up empty, and four of Belcher’s ships – including the H.M.S. Resolute – were abandoned in the ice.

Years later, the Resolute was discovered adrift, salvaged, returned … Read the rest

Why you can’t brew ice bock in the U.S.

THE BEER in front of me was dark and strong . . . and totally illegal in America.

It was an ice bock, an old style that – thanks to one of those puzzling quirks in alcohol law – cannot be brewed in America and sold as beer.

I won’t mention the brewer who made it because he could face … Read the rest

The little breweries that could

MEGABREWERIES churn out millions of barrels of beer every year. Microbreweries make thousands. So what do you call a company that brews just 100 or so barrels of beer each year?

A nanobrewery.

A couple of dozen have cropped up across the country in the past two years, operating quietly out of basements, garages and even storage units. They brew … Read the rest