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Yellow, the new black

LET’S SAY you own the color black. You make a lot of money selling black stuff. Whenever anyone thinks about black, they think of your name. Your brand, your logo, your corporation are intrinsically linked to the color black.

But now you want to diversify. Now you want to sell something yellow.

What do you do?

If your name is … Read the rest

From beer to eternity: REALLY last call

“PLEASE DO not send flowers,” said the Daily News death notice, “the deceased has allergies. In lieu thereof, buy yourself a beer and enjoy!”

And with that, Ward J. Childs, of Society Hill, former city archivist, devoted husband of 50 years and father of two, departed our company and joined so many others whose final wish was only that we … Read the rest

Terribly wonderful “Prohibition”

Sure, that cup of bathtub gin might be laced with deadly wood alcohol. But bouts of blindness, leg amputation and sudden death notwithstanding, boozing during the Prohibition – at least as depicted in the new Ken Burns three-part docu-film airing on PBS next week – sure looks fun.

The dandies in tuxedos, the girls in flapper dresses dancing to the … Read the rest

A beer for Sukkot

THE HARVEST season typically brings beer lovers classic German-style Oktoberfestbier, newfangled American pumpkin brews and ale made with freshly picked hops. In one small corner of the world, though, harvest time means etrog beer.

Or, as David Cohen, owner of Tel Aviv’s Dancing Camel Brewing Co. and inventor of this unusual style, says, “When you’re done shaking ’em, we start … Read the rest

The other smoked beer

YO, POT HEADS, this bud’s for you!

That’s right, I’m talking about marijuana beer. Stoner suds. Ganja brew. Miller Really High Life.

It’s commercially unavailable, obviously, due to federal drug and alcohol laws. But now that several states have OK’d the sale and use of marijuana for medical purposes, it’s cropping up in private circles.

There have been reports of … Read the rest

You could do wurst

PHILADELPHIA MIGHT be the best beer-drinking city in America, but we’re the wurst-eating city, too.

Grilled bratwurst, paprika-spiced bockwurst, smoky knackwurst, mustard-covered weisswurst and jerkylike landjäger – along with liters of German lager, these are the staples of Oktoberfest.

Or, as Doug Hager, co-owner of South Street’s Brauhaus Schmitz declares, “Throw away your knife and fork . . . Wurst … Read the rest

The B.M.O.C.: Beermeister on Campus

LONG A nonacademic pursuit on the college campus, beer is now part of the classroom, too.

As students begin their new semesters this month, they’ll find numerous full-credit courses devoted to suds, from “Understanding Wine and Beer” at Cornell University to “Beer Tastings and Pairings” at the University of Utah.

Some of the courses, including those at the prestigious University … Read the rest

Oktober in September

AFTER A WEEK plagued by an earthquake, hurricane and the loss of the guy who took the cheesesteak recipe to his grave, Philly hardly needs an excuse to drink. So let’s just say that, looking at the beerscape ahead, we’re in for a unique array of foam-filled diversions.

Mark your calendars: There’s a month of blues, barbecue, Bavarians and a … Read the rest

Pumpkin Beer… Seriously

GOURD HELP US, it’s pumpkin beer season again.

That means brewers aren’t just raiding the spice cabinet, they’re reaching for their Rogets Thesaurus, too. No other beer style inspires more puns than the Great Pumpkin.

Pumking, River Horse Hipp-O-Lantern, JackAle Lantern, Gourd of the Rings, Mashing Pumpkin, Pumpkin Up the Volume – well, you get the idea.

“Coming up with … Read the rest

A salute to the inventive spirit of Thomas Ale-va Edison

IF NECESSITY is the mother of invention, beer is its wild-eyed uncle. You know, the one who corners you at family reunions with his latest can’t-miss scheme, one that will revolutionize society and earn a bazillion bucks if only you invest a couple thou.

No doubt fueled by a sixpack or two, inventors and assorted crackpots fill the archives of … Read the rest