Yearly Archives: 2011

Another giant leap forward for beer drinkers

IN THE ENTIRE history of mankind, there has been only one invention that fundamentally improved life for the beer drinker: the twist-off bottle cap.

OK, two, if you count flushable toilets.

And now there are three, thanks to the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser. It does exactly what it says: It fills beer cups through the bottom of the cup. … Read the rest

Seductive and perfidious – it must be Scottish

WHEN IN Scotland, don’t ask what’s in the haggis, don’t ask what’s underneath the kilts and, for god’s sake, don’t ask for a Scotch ale.

You’re going to get a strange look from the bartender and then . . . who knows? He might pour you anything from¬†Belhaven 60 Shilling, which at 3 percent alcohol is light-bodied and … Read the rest

Your handy 2011 beer planning calendar

BEER DRINKERS are notoriously slothful when it comes to planning for the future. That’s why we’ve developed so many ways to crack open a cold one without a bottle opener.

But now that you’ve found a place to hang the 2011 furry kitten calendar you got for Christmas, take a minute to mark some important dates to remember.

Jan. 14-15:Read the rest