Where’s Joe Sixpack II

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I think I’ll keep track of brewery visits here. Since Christmas 2019.

19. March 4. Attic Brewing, Germantown. A return visit to this new brewery, and I was not one bit disappointed. Every beer, from a Mexican lager to a Belgian tripel, was right on. My crew felt the best of the bunch were two old-school microbrewery styles: Bloodhound Brown and Uno Amber. The place was rocking with a large crowd (lots of seats, though) and live music.

18. Feb. 19 – Fishtown Brewpub, Fishtown. First visit in a year and a half. Poor to average beer (a noticeable drop in quality) that makes this a low option, given the excellent alternatives in this neighborhood. The interior is quite nice.

17. Feb. 12 – Stoudt’s Brewing, Adamstown. A final visit and a chat with Carol Stoudt. More here.

16. Feb. 7 – Conshohocken Brewing,Bridgeport. Shot three short videos for What’s Brewing.

15. Jan. 25 – Love City Brewing, Spring Garden. Very good beer (including an excellent Orval clone), large, noisy taproom.

14. Jan. 25 – Punch Buggy Brewing, Kensingon. Decent but homebrewish lacking finish. Garage-like taproom.

13. Jan. 25 – Human Robot, Kensington. Good to excellent beer (using Czech side pour taps), nicely furnished taproom (former Saint Benjamin’s) with food by Poe’s Sandwiches.

12. Jan 17 – Workhorse Brewing, King of Prussia, Pa. Very good to excellent beer (many A+ lagers), big industrial taproom.

11. Jan. 17 – Conshohocken Brewing, Bridgeport, Pa. Beer same as below, fun, spacious taproom.

10. Jan. 17 Conshohocken Brewing, King of Prussia, Pa. Good to excellent beer, industrial taproom.

9. Jan. 9 – Attic Brewing, Germantown, Pa. Visited during a soft opening, so I need to return. Meanwhile: Good to very good beer, very nice rehab in an otherwise dicey neighborhood.

8. Jan. 7 – Newtown Brewing, Newtown, Pa. Good to very good beer, nice taproom.

7. Jan. 7 – Vault Brewing, Yardley, Pa. Good to excellent beer, very nice taproom.

6. Jan. 2. – Twisted Gingers, Roxborough, Pa. Early visit, I need to return. Beer needs work (off flavors), bright, freshly renovated taproom.

5. Dec. 31 – Forest & Main, Ambler, Pa. Good-to-excellent beer, cozy taproom.

4. Dec. 29 – Southern Tier Brewery, Cleveland. Beer sucky to good. What happened to this brewery?

3. Dec. 27 – Great Lakes Brewing, Cleveland. Superb beer, crazy crowded taproom.

2. Dec. 27 – Hansa Brewery, Cleveland. Wow beer with unusual styles, plain but fun taproom.

1, Dec. 26 – Masthead Brewing, Cleveland.  Good-to-excellent beer, big taproom.


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