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Setting your traps for these Trappist brews


Want to be a Trappist beer hunter? You have to know your prey:

First, don’t be confused by imitations. Many breweries (Affligem, Leffe, even New Jersey’s Flying Fish) produce abbey-style ales, but an authentic Trappist ale is made in a monastery.

The ales range in flavor and strength, but generally they’re amber-colored with a fruity aroma and spicy taste. … Read the rest

Don’t waste the bock of the barrel

Winter’s over, and that means those springtime favorites are sprouting, and I don’t mean daffodils.

It’s bock time – the strong, dark lagers that were traditionally brewed in observance of Lent. Contrary to longstanding belief, bock is not the dregs from the bottom of the barrel. The hearty flavor and brownish color is mostly due to the use of darker … Read the rest