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VetFest: Guzzling in the grand tradition

Bavaria, Milwaukee, Brussels, Pottsville – among the world’s great beer capitals that these eyes have seen, none can match the suds that flow on the bucolic meadows of South Philadelphia.

It is here, on eight autumn Sundays each year, that the villagers turn out for a grand beer festival. They are gathered to send their sainted warriors, the Eagles, into … Read the rest

Garbage Time: Filth, vermin infest Vet

IT’S 30 MINUTES till game time, and the cotton-candy man at the Vet is serving up his goodies.

He dips his hand into the swirling machine, plucks a puffy blue cloud of candy and deposits it into his mouth.

Then he licks his fingers clean, grabs a paper cone, dips it into the machine and comes out with another wad … Read the rest

Fill ‘er up: Vet vendor trims beer prices

The beer barons at the Vet have thrown in the towel.

After months of Daily News reports of price gouging and suds skimming, Veterans Stadium concessionaire Ogden Entertainment will announce today that it is trimming beer prices by 25 cents.

Better yet: it’s crushing its soggy, old paper cups and replacing them with larger, sturdier, plastic ones.

And, for the … Read the rest

Plastic seats, now plastic beer

 Veterans Stadium: Home of plastic seats, plastic grass and, for the first time ever, plastic beer.

Beer bottled not in glass but in plastic made its ballpark debut at yesterday’s home opener.

The synthetic suds – 16-ounce containers of Miller Lite – go for $5. That’s 25 cents more and three or more ounces fewer than the stadium’s draft brew.… Read the rest

Suburban pretzels a new twist at the ballpark

The beer was cold, the Phillies played tough and the fans even staged a first-class fistfight in the cheap seats.

A perfect day at the ballpark – except for some growing discontent over . . . the pretzels!

OK, this is not on the order of cheating fans out of a full cup of beer. But it turns out that … Read the rest

Nothing foul about the food

A perfect day at the Vet.

The only thing missing was the Phillies. They’re on the road – and won’t throw out the first pitch of the ’99 season at home until Monday afternoon.

But yesterday was nonetheless a day for high-fives on the artificial turf around home plate, as the South Philly stadium’s concessionaire spread out its new lineup … Read the rest

Price of a Phils ticket rises with pitchers’ ERA

The beer may be cheaper at the Vet this season, but tickets aren’t.

Despite its recent history of tepid, sub-.500 performances and a reduced payroll, the ’99 Phillies have jacked up ticket prices by more than 20 percent. As a result, it will cost an average of about $30 more this year to take a family of four to the … Read the rest

Vet rip-offs blasted. Council probe finds deceit, arrogance and high prices

A six-month City Council probe of last season’s suds-skimming scam at the Vet has found what every Philadelphia sports fan already knows:

The city-owned stadium is gouging its visitors with lousy food and expensive prices.

In a scathing report that describes the stadium vendor as arrogant and deceptive, Councilman Jim Kenney concludes that ballpark beer drinkers were ripped off more … Read the rest