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Squeeze play on tap: Suds fans cheated 2 oz. per cup at Vet

The Phillies, who sell the most expensive cup of beer in the National League, are skimming their suds.

It’s a racket that costs beer-drinking fans at Veterans Stadium nearly a half-million bucks a year.

Every time you buy a cup, you’re being shorted a sip of cold, ballpark brew.

In a town where beer is a fundamental part of baseball … Read the rest

What’s ale-ing baseball? There’s no beer man!

I remember the Ballantine scoreboard in right-center at Connie Mack Stadium.

I remember Ballantine Blasts by Wes Covington and Johnny Callison.

And I remember vendors with heavy cases of bottles, climbing through the steep left field bleachers yelling, “Hey getcha cold beer!”

Yo, beer man! Over here!

Ballantine and Wes and Johnny are gone from Philly. So too, sadly, is … Read the rest