Drink and think – or sink. A test of your beer smarts


To win Wyncoop Brewing’s Beerdrinker of the Year award, you’ve gotta drink and think. Some questions from past contests:

1. If beer was an Olympic event, what would the rules be?

2. What is “hop traction”?

3. What beer is the weakest link?

4. What was the first modern microbrewery in Oregon?

5. If you were in Las Vegas and Carmen Electra suddenly approached you and proposed marriage right then and there, what three beers would you want for your honeymoon? And why?

6. What was the first brewpub, who was its founder and where was it located?

7. What beer do you think qualifies as a weapon of mass destruction?

8. What would you do if President Bush installed you as Secretary of Beer?

9. If you came back as hops in your next life, what variety would you want to be, and why?

10. What does the term “decoction” mean?

11. What beer goes with turkey?

12. In what ways is beer healthful to the human body?

13. What beer does your favorite superhero drink?

14. What historical figure would you want to sit down and have a pint with, and with what beer?

15. Tell us about your epiphany beer – the one that made you think, Boy, I really like beer!

16. Name the three biggest countries in terms of beer production and per capita beer consumption, in order.

17. When did Prohibition end, and what’s the best beer to celebrate the anniversary?

18. What was the first beer to be sold in cans?

19. What was the first beer to be sold in aluminum cans?

20. What Dr. Seuss character was used in advertising for Naragansett Beer?

Don’t ask me for the answers. I’m too busy trying to find out what kind of beer Carmen Electra drinks.


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